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Pie-throwing: violence or hilarity? Apparently it depends who it’s against. Part 2.

Part Two See Part One here You think the Rupert Murdoch/News of the World story is about corruption in media and government?  You know nothing.  In Canada, the state actually owns and legally protects and then funds a media behemoth which not only reports news, including political news, does its own news-y polls, and so […]

Lib media rescue attempt; news report opening line: Obama wants Congress to “make spending cuts.”

This takes the cake  —  no sorry it’s from Canada so make that “amuse bouche”  —  for misleading reporting and spin.  The Canadian state-owned media,, starts its article on today’s US debt ceiling crisis first and foremost claiming that President Obama (whom we all know as “Mr. Spending Cuts”  — right?) wants Congress to […]

State-run CBC: So vital, and yet so not watched

  CBC is so vital and important, we’re told, and yet it needs to vigorously advertise to compete for viewers  If it’s so crucially necessary for the people, then why do they have to advertise at all whatsoever?  Surely the people know about it and totally rely on it already.  It’s so necessary, you see. […]

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