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Hello freedom lovers!

Welcome to the new We are building the site now, and when it’s done, it won’t likely look the way it does today, Sept 14 2011.  This is just scratched together quickly. Keep tuning into this post and I’ll keep updating it. Also register and I’ll update you by email. But don’t worry, this […]

“ATTACK WATCH,” um, watch.

The good news for America is that I laughed.  That’s pretty bad news for President Obama. Like I care. Yes I laughed out loud when I woke this morning to hear about the increasingly Orwellian President Obama and his cabal of increasingly paranoid and downright Orwellian Obamaton campaign thugs setting up a replacement for the […]

Pie-throwing: violence or hilarity? Apparently it depends who it’s against. Part 2.

Part Two See Part One here You think the Rupert Murdoch/News of the World story is about corruption in media and government?  You know nothing.  In Canada, the state actually owns and legally protects and then funds a media behemoth which not only reports news, including political news, does its own news-y polls, and so […]

Lib media rescue attempt; news report opening line: Obama wants Congress to “make spending cuts.”

This takes the cake  —  no sorry it’s from Canada so make that “amuse bouche”  —  for misleading reporting and spin.  The Canadian state-owned media,, starts its article on today’s US debt ceiling crisis first and foremost claiming that President Obama (whom we all know as “Mr. Spending Cuts”  — right?) wants Congress to […]

Today’s socialism-reliant CBC Yoda-speak from the “CEO” of the state-owned media, to the plebeians.

Today’s missive from the 100% state-owned media behemoth which, with its government endorsement (and the embrace of the nation’s core progressive set and the other left-wing and far-left amongst the citizenry), competes against its own citizens in business for profit, and competes with citizens for attention, and for advertisers, and for readers, and followers, and […]

Little mock on O’Reilly

State-run CBC’s state-funded comedy show Little Mosque on the Prairie was raised on Fox News Channel’s O’Reilly Factor Wednesday night by Bill O’Reilly, along with correspondent Juliet Huddy — who said the show did a nice enough job satirizing the situation.  I mean the situation in which there is a mosque on the prairie —not […]

Capitalism and freedom from gov ownership: “nonsense” to an NDP candidate

As PTBC readers know, I’ve long ended nearly every blog entry I write about the state-owned CBC, by including my little advisory “State-owned or state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution,” as the very last line.  It makes sense to me manifestly because Canada isn’t a communist […]

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