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Another new porn channel coming to Canada; Margaret Atwood, CBC’s Don Newman: silent

So much of the progressive — the liberal, socialist, communist — set of political principles and their incessant social-engineering philosophy revolves around the orgasm.  And yet they’re so against smoking.  Being liberal is hard.  But apparently they like it that way.  This is about yet another new porn channel, and you can hear crickets chirping. […]

CBC Sunday (“news”): The perfect day to talk about the c-word (and I don’t mean Christ)

PTBC reader Sammy writes in telling me that today, Sunday, on the liberal-left’s state-owned CBC News program called “Sunday”, the gals (Carole MacNeil and Evan Solomon) are chatting about the far leftist ass Jane Fonda.  As we know, Jane Fonda, who notwithstanding her American-ness, is a “Canadian Value” owing to her being a rabid conservative-hater […]

CBC mandate check: “Bisexual Virgins: Crossing the Line”—Tuesday on CBC Newsworld

It’s the liberal-left’s state-owned, state-run CBC.  It’s on their “The Lens” series.  On Newsworld. It’s news!  So it must be one ‘o them “Canadian values” the liberals are always on about.  Checking the upcoming schedule for CBC TV asininity, and came across this gem which the CBC Newsworld—all news, all the time—channel (because nobody else […]

A state-run CBC replete with an infatuation for sex, nudity, leftist propaganda

UPDATE (March 20, 2008): Relevant screen captures, which illustrated the reasons for my comments in this review, and which exemplified the main thrust of my critical arguments, have been removed, due to a threat of a lawsuit (citing “copyright” violations) from the law firm representing the documentary’s host and the documentary’s production company—see below. I’m […]

State-run CBC in new sex series…

…because as I keep telling you, so much about liberalism revolves around the orgasm. I’ve previously reported on the state-run CBC’s obsession with sex, lewdness, promiscuity, and of course their more general promotion of gay “marriage” and the gay lifestyle as healthy modern Canadian values in their world view.  Previous blog entries – (some a […]

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