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Pie-throwing: violence or hilarity? Apparently it depends who it’s against. Part 2.

Part Two See Part One here You think the Rupert Murdoch/News of the World story is about corruption in media and government?  You know nothing.  In Canada, the state actually owns and legally protects and then funds a media behemoth which not only reports news, including political news, does its own news-y polls, and so […]

Sarah Palin video response to shooting; CBC commenters bash crap out of it with extremist vitriol

The state-owned CBC’s usual radical leftists, including the phalanx of the Sarah Palin-haters, then immediately jumped out from under their craggy rocks (or from their mom’s basement) and began, as if reflexively, mindlessly, to bash the crap out of her (as best they could —poorly and entirely illogically and without a shred of intellectual acuity)  […]

CBC commenter calls Conservative MP and Minister a racist: CBC approves comment

I warned you in an earlier post that later this morning, the CBCers would start calling regular conservatives “racists” and “fascists” and other ever so moderate terms in their effort to exemplify their ever so “moderate” behavior, in juxtaposition to what the CBC article calls “ultraconservative” and “extreme” tea party candidates.  Well it’s just after […]

State-owned CBC informs canucks that tea party is “ultraconservative” and “extreme” in “news report”

This is the glib, and clearly extreme leftist news media, the state owned CBC, in action, smack dab in the middle of their report on today’s election in the U.S.. Nearly three dozen Tea Party-backed Republicans were in competitive races Tuesday.  Democrats hope that the ultraconservative policies of many those candidates will prove too extreme […]

CBC commenter confesses desire to commit violence against Bill O’Reilly; CBC approves comment

Oh don’t be so alarmed. This is par for the course on one of the most hateful, family-unfriendly sites in North America —the state-owned, publicly funded to the tune of 1.5 BILLION per year, socialism-reliant, divisive, far-left “national treasure” (as progressives quixotically call it), the liberals’ CBC division. carlbailey wrote:Posted 2010/10/20 at 12:29 PM ET […]

Plane crashes into IRS building: CBC fans reflexively blame “right-wingers”, “teabaggers”.

CBC radical leftists and idiots are racing to post their BLAME RIGHT-WINGERS! screed on the taxpayer-paid state-owned CBC web site, for the benefit of all Canadians.  (Avoid the CBC’s ridiculous version:  Read the story here).  For extra amusement, the usual number of the totally irrational left-wing 9/11 ‘Truthers’ add to the CBC mix, in addition […]

Hateful CBC commenter admits his HATRED of Israel. CBC approves comment.

With the CBC’s help (or aid and comfort, you might say), these people from the “peace-loving”, “tolerant”, “compassionate”, “nuanced” and “intelligent” set are becoming more and more brash — sort of Ahmadinejadian in this example — in their abject displays of hatred and idiocy.  On your dime of course.  As if to openly confirm, once […]

Taliban leader caught? Therefore, CBC’s left-wing nutbars come out of their rat holes in protest.

File this under the heading “Where did they learn this?”  Or you may choose the heading “At the CBC”. Only extreme left-wing zealots and nuts could possibly come up with the kind of deranged drivel you find in the comments at the state-owned, taxpayer-funded representation of Canada: the CBC and its despicable web site.  And […]

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