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“ATTACK WATCH,” um, watch.

The good news for America is that I laughed.  That’s pretty bad news for President Obama. Like I care. Yes I laughed out loud when I woke this morning to hear about the increasingly Orwellian President Obama and his cabal of increasingly paranoid and downright Orwellian Obamaton campaign thugs setting up a replacement for the […]

Another new porn channel coming to Canada; Margaret Atwood, CBC’s Don Newman: silent

So much of the progressive — the liberal, socialist, communist — set of political principles and their incessant social-engineering philosophy revolves around the orgasm.  And yet they’re so against smoking.  Being liberal is hard.  But apparently they like it that way.  This is about yet another new porn channel, and you can hear crickets chirping. […]

Bell buys 100% of the #1 network, CTV, for the same amount the gov gives state-owned CBC every year

At least Bell gets something for its 1.3 billion-dollar investment… and it is an actual investment.  The progressives’ very own state-owned CBC left-wing media empire and socialism-boosting conglomerate couldn’t be worth more than CTV, which is by far the number one network in Canada in terms of viewership and prime-time ratings, including its news programs, […]

State-owned CBC’s politics “news” “analysts”: Left-Wing Nobodies. To learn ya ‘bout politics!

As usual, for the education of Canadians in the state-owned CBC’s quest to turn them into even bigger and dumber left-wing, progressive, Obama-luvin’ sycophants and Republican-haters, they once again (for the approximately 8.000th time, most of them documented here at PTBC —do a search!) employed, for our nation’s political education needs, a far-leftist expert political […]

CTV skids along on its colon and a “fake” story; CBC demonstrates too: it’s about ending capitalism

How about this headline instead:  Joel Johannesen: ‘Climate science’, pretty fake! CTV does another one of those headlines that agenda-driving media provides its audience.  Somebody said something they really wish they could say themselves, but they can’t because they’re still operating under the pretense that they’re a fair and balanced objective “news” source instead of […]

ClimateGate continues; liberal media makes it worse: touts 1700 scientists signing new document…

… but once again lies through omission of facts. They leave out important facts —now being uncovered about even that new document — which shows still more coercion in the “scientific” community; more non-science fascist-style bully tactics, and manifestly, total BS un-science.  Which makes a total joke of their news story.  It in fact makes […]

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