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CBC goes wobbly over minor earthquake. But it affected THEM. So you know, it’s HUGE.

Just to show you how lacking in perspective, how provincial and self-centered — and unfamiliar with Canada the Toronto-centric CBC is— a minor earthquake imagestruck in Ontario and Quebec at about 10:40 Pacific, and they’re still giving it wall-to-wall coverage from every conceivable angle, sending out reporters in every direction, taking viewer phone calls who all relate their awesome (not) personal experiences, and reporters and politicians all recounting with riveting (not) stories about where they were and how they felt “when it happened”.  It’s noon now.  Still covering it.

No damage.  No injuries.  No nothing.  Zip.  Nothing.  Except that it is in Ontario and Quebec.  It was a 5.0 magnitude.  Not major.  An 800 times per year event. Moderate at worst.

It all reminds me of when the former CBC employee and now still Governor-General Michaelle Jean visited the west coast and insisted that the mountains around Vancouver that she was looking at were “the Rockies”…

I’m not sure if it was the fact that at the time of the non-event, they were broadcasting yet another one of their live broadcasts of the ridiculous you’ve got to be kidding party making yet another one one of their totally useless public pronouncements for the sycophantic leftist news media, which of course the CBC therefore reflexively covers NO imageMATTER WHAT;  or the fact that they have absolutely no clue that the west coast experiences these things weekly;  or more likely, that it happened to them, and that’s all that really matters. 

But they’re still covering it.  It’s after noon.  It’s like the biggest thing that has ever happened in this country.  Ever. And yet it’s nearly nothing.

They’re covering traffic jams and security in Toronto surrounding the G-8 and G-20 summits just like this as well.  Vancouver just got over its two weeks of equal or more traffic diversions and extreme security measures, including the movement of fully armed F-18 fighter jets and armed forces from the world over lending their support,  all thanks to the government games (the Olympics), and the near-riot situations amongst left-wing nutbars.  There was barely a mention of all all that in the media before or during the games.  Certainly not the kind of extreme coverage the news media, which is all centered in Toronto, is giving to themselves and their own concerns. 

Oh the humanity. 

Expert from an Ontario university being interviewed here dressed in his uniform…

Still on it.  12:30 PM.  The entire CBC media industrial complex and every one of the thousands of state-employed CBC employees is now apparently completely dedicated to this non story. 

CBC Anchor Carole MacNeil to Ottawa Parliamentary reporter Rosemary Barton — using age-old jokes now like we in the west stopped using about 80 years ago because they’re so old and over-used…. “…guess you felt the earth move there in Ottawa eh…?!!!!”  (uproarious laughter between the two of them for about ten minutes…)

How to kick well over $25 MILLION in taxpayer cash out of bounds

How do you blow $25 MILLION in taxpayer cash?  Well if you’re a progressive like a socialist or a liberal in government, you start a state-owned media behemoth, the CBC, and fund it to the tune of $1.5 BILLION in taxpayers’ dollars per year.  You compete against private media, owned by regular Canadian citizens, and you use some of that government cash — or more accurately citizens’ or taxpayers’ own cash, and you bid against private Canadian citizens and their hard-won and erstwhile successful enterprises, for imagebroadcast rights for massively popular sports like hockey, the Olympics, and now, soccer games.  You drive up the price by bidding and upping the bids and finally outbidding them using never-ending stockpiles of government money. 

If you run out of money to bid against the citizens, you might accidentally stir-up the ire of armies of government-reliant “artists” who will, on command, rally in the streets, literally, angrily demanding that the government stop the “cutbacks” for “arts” and “culture” (it makes utterly no difference if this is premised on a total lie, or not), and demand increased funding to their CBC conduit (oh and also legalize pot, and get out of Afghanistan, etc.).  And you cover these rallies on your state-owned CBC news channel and other channels, over and over.  Possibly produce a five-part “Passionate Eye” series on the “cutbacks”. 

And then amazingly you usually win the war.  Against your own citizens.

And then you use the billions of dollars in taxpayer-owned government media resources and facilities located on prime downtown real-estate to broadcast those games.  And in so doing, you compete once more against more Canadian citizens, using their own money and all Canadians’ money, for TV audience share, and in the scarce TV advertising market to capture scarce advertising dollars and re-direct them to your state-owned behemoth instead.  Ultimately this obviously costs private enterprise — citizens — countless billions of dollars over the years, even driving some right out of business, and certainly preventing others from even entering the market at all.  And it changes the very nature —the structure —of our society, in the process.

Back in 2006, the state-owned CBC outbid “the competition” (which is to say citizens of Canada) by several million dollars to reclaim the soccer World Cup image package from the privately-owned Rogers Sportsnet-TSN-CTV consortium.  The reported bid was $25 MILLION.  Just for the broadcast rights.  CBC refuses to divulge the actual bid amount.

On-board journalist Chris Zelkovich, of the progressives’ very own Toronto Star which is dedicated to electing liberals and other progressives, breathlessly wrote at the time that the deal “says loud and clear that anyone who thinks the CBC is going to give up Hockey Night In Canada and the CFL without a fight is dead wrong” (Toronto Star, 9/18/2006). 

Lovely.  The government will not relent in its fight against its own citizens.  Sounds like Iran.

Let me once again ask my perennial question, which socialists, liberals, CBC sycophants, and all progressives refuse to answer, possibly because they know the answer will freak-out Canadians:  What kind of government competes against its own citizens in business for profits and for attention and market share, including the forum of entertainment and ideas and news and politics?  Especially when there are multiple, otherwise viable, private citizen-owned companies and upstarts willing and able to take the associated investment risks using their own after-tax cash, and have all the talent and ability in the world?

State-owned media should be banned in this country; and that and many other limits on government and its size and scope and power should be enshrined in our constitution.

Alberta culture minister speaks truth about Canadian TV; Left goes ape.

Just about everybody in Canada agrees with him, Alberta’s Progressive Conservative Culture Minister Lindsay Blackett.  And that’s a scientific fact I report right here several times per month — and I’ll do it again today, below, with my latest Canadian imageTV viewership chart. 

“I sit here as a government representative for film and television in the province of Alberta and I look at what we produce, and if we’re honest with ourselves.… I look at it and say ‘Why do I produce so much shit? Why do I fund so much crap?’”

So far so good.  Truth is always good. 

But then the Progressive part of the name of the party to which he belongs, the Progressive Conservative Party, creeps back in, as the article at the Edmonton Journal concludes:

Blackett also noted the provincial government is kicking more cash into script development in Alberta.

As normal, sensible people like conservatives (as opposed to “Tories” or Progressive Conservatives) all know, it is not a core function of government to fund “scripts”.  For sitcoms and trash like Little Mosque on the Prairie, or all the other sh*t broadcast on the state-owned, $1.5 BILLION per year taxpayer funded CBC, including news and all their left-wing columnists’ and reporters’ opinion columns.

That CBC naturally also wrote the story up instantly because it speaks directly to their militants in the “artist” and “script-writer” platoons, whom they deploy every chance they get.  (Progressives Michael Ignatieff and Jack Layton naturally follow with their well-honed, finely scripted but terribly-acted albeit Gemini-Award-winning fake outrage.)  The CBC story opened with this remark — a typical CBC half-truth:

Alberta Culture Minister Lindsay Blackett was back-pedaling Wednesday after his disparaging comments about the quality of Canadian television sparked an outcry.

The rest of that sentence about “an outcry”, which they inexplicably purposely left out, is “…only among the most left-wing, doctrinaire, ideological liberals and other progressives, who simply can’t face reality;  while the rest of the country — representing 95% of the population — completely agreed with Blackett’s remarks.”  Perhaps they can’t write long sentences at the CBC for lack of focus — or more likely “budget cuts” and “lack of funding” (wink!). 

To the extent he was “back-pedaling”, as I understand it, he was backpedaling not because he wanted to dial-back the sentiment, but only because he worried his daughter shouldn’t hear him speak like that.  To wit (again in the Journal —not the CBC):

Blackett said Wednesday he regrets his colourful language but not the sentiment he expressed…

… Blackett said he regretted using the “S word” because his children would be disappointed in him.

“I don’t usually swear in public, so that was wrong,” he said. “They’ll be chastising me when I get home tomorrow.”

And as I present the latest Canadian TV-watching chart, here’s another good — which is to say truthful, if massively understated — line from Blackett:

“Why do the broadcasters not pick up more Canadian content? Because the Canadian content isn’t what it should be.”

Canadian Viewing Habits
Once again, as always, the chart shows that Canadians vastly reject Canadian-made shows, even after countless tens or hundreds of BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars have been wasted creating them with government funding and the ubiquitous and contemptible image logo over the years.  They choose instead American-made shows, all of them made by private enterprise, none made with taxpayer cash. And as always, almost without exception, the state-owned CBC figures in the chart only when they’re showing hockey games.  In addition, to the extent there are any Canadian-made shows, Canadians almost exclusively choose news programs on the citizen-owned, private sector CTV or Global networks. 

May 31 – June 6 2010, national viewership, ages 2+

Copyright BBM Canada
Graphically reconfigured by PTBC

…and the progressives want to increase Canadian taxpayer funding of “scripts”? 

Progressives continue to imagine that they can manufacture or social-engineer a “Canadian Culture” to their liking, using government and government policies and programs and government central planning committees and groups, and of course vast amounts of taxpayer cash, to do it.  And progressives believe that Canadians are incapable — too stupid perhaps — to create their own culture, organically, on their own.  Or perhaps they also believe that we’ll do it wrong. 

Well they’re wrong.  They’re stupid. 

Funding of entertainment and TV shows is not a core function of government.  And in any case it has obviously and predictably failed miserably.  And just as obviously, in a free and democratic country like Canada full of viable and desirable alternatives, state-owned or state-run media should be banned, and that limit on government should among the many others that should be enshrined in our constitution.

Hat tip to Randy B.

How come the CBC isn’t showing this video of a Democrat brutally manhandling a citizen?

They seem to constantly mock — or try to — the good American citizen Sarah Palin, or any conservative for that matter.  But when they get another chance to show, for example, vivid evidence of the actual, factual brutality of an elected Democratic lawmaker, they hide under their expensive taxpayer-owned desks.  It would only take 13 seconds to show the video. 

Think they shouldn’t bother?  Well then you’re very funny. Let’s amuse ourselves by imagining if it were Sarah Palin, or Republican Congressman Joe Shmo caught on tape putting a student reporter in a headlock for no reason whatsoever.  How exactly would they handle that, do you suppose?  Exactly.

Are they protecting left-wing politicians by a purposeful omission of facts — omission of reporting about their misdeeds and indiscretions — while ensuring they do report on and attack right-wing politicians by every means possible?  Nah.  Couldn’t be!  They’re state owned!  (…. but search CBC for yourself.)

Democratic Congressman Assaults Student on Washington Sidewalk

Also see:
Giving New Meaning to ‘Bully’ PulpitWhy did a Democratic congressman manhandle two young people?

News item are: (1) Louisianans think Obama’s handling of crisis worse than Bush’s; (2) NOT REPORTED

What the lamestream anti-Bush liberal news media took hundreds of thousands of words and months to reiterate and explain and re-explain during the Bush years, over and over and over again until it really sunk in, they spent nary a word discussing today.  That is, how the folks feel their president has dealt with a crisis.  But several polls point to the same thing.  Obama’s handling of this oil leak crisis is worse than Bush’s was of Hurricane Katrina.  And it can be credibly argued that the reporting about Bush’s handling of Katrina helped bring down the Republicans and badly tarnished Bush’s legacy.

As I said, the news item here is really twofold:  the poll results;  but moreover, the fact that the news media is not reporting on the polls that are negative toward Obama —not reporting on how biased they themselves, the liberal media, are;  and by extension, how politically misleading they are being which, given the potential political fallout as witnessed in the case of President Bush, actually rises to the point of journalistic and political corruption. 

This poll is by a Democratic Party-leaning pollster:

Fallout from the Spill

Our new Louisiana poll has a lot of data points to show how unhappy voters in the state are with Barack Obama’s handling of the oil spill but one perhaps sums it up better than anything else- a majority of voters there think George W. Bush did a better job with Katrina than Obama’s done dealing with the spill.

50% of voters in the state, even including 31% of Democrats, give Bush higher marks on that question compared to 35% who pick Obama.

Overall only 32% of Louisianans approve of how Obama has handled the spill to 62% who disapprove. 34% of those polled say they approved of how Bush dealt with Katrina to 58% who disapproved. …

Fox News Channel is covering it.  They have chosen to inform fully, rather than misinform by an omission of facts.


A Gfk/AP poll suggests the same thing, and again Fox is reporting it:


An earlier poll done by Obama-mania media ABC News and his fanatics at Washington Post says the same thing as reported by but buried by nearly every other lamestream news source (Fox News covered it too):

Poll: Oil response worse than Katrina

More than two-thirds of Americans rate the federal government’s response to the oil spill off the Gulf Coast negatively — topping the number of those who said the same about Hurricane Katrina soon after it hit the region nearly five years ago, according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll.

Sixty-nine percent of the 1,004 adults polled nationwide held a negative view of the federal government’s response to the massive spill; only 28 percent gave the government a positive rating.

Two weeks after Katrina struck the Gulf Coast in August 2005, the same survey showed 62 percent of Americans held a negative view of the government’s response…

CBC news:  NOTHING.  Not a word.  Try a search yourself!

Tonight, Obama will give another unfiltered speech on how awesome he is and has been (“since day one” — a provable lie) with regard to his handling of this oil leak crisis.  The CBC will cover that.  Live.  We know this because they’ve been promoting it, all day long.  Using a giant picture of a forlorn Obama, an oil-soaked bird, and gushing oil.


They also haven’t reported that Obama has played seven rounds of golf since the oil started leaking — including one just this past weekend, while the oil gushed.


The CBC news channel: Half hour of Ignatieff speech; then full reiteration by CBC reporters. Yawn.

“How to be a boring shill for the No-Real-News Liberals:  CBC News.”
“A morning in the life of CBC news watching.”

It’s bad enough that the CBC and all of liberalvision see every one of Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s speeches as a giant newsroom alarm bell or red alert on the CBC’s chat program, which signals them to snap into live television action mode and cover his sage words, live, but to cover every boring word, and then after it’s finally over, for the news anchor to then go over it again, almost verbatim, point by point, reiterating exactly what he just said… oh my.  But that’s exactly what they do.  (For comparative purposes, they also do this with Conservative Prime Minister Harper, only the post-game analysis is extremely critical and usually negative, and they invite all manner of leftist bloggers and politicians and of course the reliably leftist university professors to join in on the giant nega-fest.)

And did Ignatieff say anything breathtaking or new?  No.  That was their own conclusion.

The CBC’s anchor, Carole MacNeil, asked this at the end of their half-hour-long report on Ignatieff’s big, boring, highfalutin, teleprompter-read, image non-pronouncement, mostly about our mission in Afghanistan.  After all of the coverage, and reiteration, and reporter “analysis”, here’s the final question in the Q&A between the anchor and the “on-the-scene” reporter (who was actually just in another CBC building or wing or studio), Margo McDiarmid:

CBC Anchor Carole MacNeil:  Clarify for me if you would, Margot, because I know you have been watching this more closely, uh, I’m confused about something:  is the Conservative government not engaged also, in looking at a training plan for Afghanistan, or is this an idea that is unique to the Liberals and I must say also, if you’ve read Foreign Policy for May, Robert Gates the defense secretary in the United States, was also advocating this development-slash-training approach.  Is the Harper government on-side with the training approach as well, are they working on that kind of engagement?

CBC Reporter Margo McDiarmid:  Yes they have been saying, um, really, for years, uh, that Canada needs to have some kind of role after the country pulls out in 2011…

So no, nothing new here.  Take what the Conservatives have been saying for years about Afghanistan, and double that for the Liberals, sort of.  It’s news now, though, see.

The difference, McDiarmid claims (from her perch in another newsroom) is that the Conservatives have been kinda “fuzzy” about it, see, for years, whereas Ignatieff has now made himself totally clear.  Ignatieff has made HIMSELFtotally clear.  All by himself.  That’s what they reported.

And at that, the saga ended, only to be repeated again later with new reviews of Ignatieff’s speech.  And then they covered his long media Q&A with reporters.  For image countless dozens of minutes.  And then MacNeil reiterated all of that, including all his answers, which he just gave.  And then they AGAIN went over that with Margot McDiarmid. 

Another half-hour, at least.

I think you could say the state-owned CBC was the nearly all-Ignatieff channel, this morning.  Apparently they couldn’t find any Conservatives to get their point of view on Ignatieff’s pronouncements.

Deputy leader of You’ve Got To Be Kidding party, Libby Davies oozes brain poo on YouTube

…and proves to be yet another far-left, obtuse, anti-Israel ignoramus. 

We’ve all heard about the “fake lake”.  But as long as we’re so concerned about phonies, how about this veteran (waaaay too long) MP and deputy party leader of the you’ve got to be kidding party?  You haven’t heard about this in the news?  Not at all?  Huh.  That’s weird.  We pay her a lot more than $57,000.  And at least the cavity in the “fake lake” is filled with something.  I mean other than brain poo. 

Even her own party — the you’ve got to be kidding party — is disowning Libby Davies’ comments of idiocy and anti-Israel intolerance. 

She sounds every bit like a typical far-left idiot blogger or one of those radical, militant, chronically couch-ridden left-wing protesters seen (nearly always tattooed and fully nipple-pierced) at every single anti-Israel or anti-anything-capitalist left-wing festival and riotous protest rally.  Trouble is, she’s being paid by taxpayers, and she’s a deputy party leader (even if it is just a pseudo, pretend party). 

We know it’s all true because you can’t find the story at the socialism-reliant, state-run CBC.  Try a search yourself.  In fact it’s actually hard to track down the story in the media at all.  “Fake lake”?  All over the news. 

She starts out by intimating that Israel has been “occupying” the territory since 1948. 

”[The occupation started in] ‘48. It’s the longest occupation in the world…”

“You can’t even get basic necessities in [to Gaza]…”  —a statement which, according to actual Israeli experts, such as Israeli Prime Ministers, is an utter lie

Statements such as “Palestinians have to have their land back” indicate to me that she thinks the Jews should shove out.  Sort of like Helen Thomas —“dean” of the liberal-left media. 

Mizz Davies also seemed to personally support (she was careful not to implicate her fellow you’ve got to be kidding party minions) an international boycott or campaign against Israel, including a Canadian and presumably international divestment, and national and international sanctions against Israel.  No, not Iran… Israel.  Even her own extreme left-wing party associates disagree with her.  Thomas Mulcair, that party’s other deputy leader, said of her comments: “as far as I’m concerned, [that’s] grossly unacceptable.”

image It’s no wonder the leader of the you’ve got to be kidding party hasn’t acted on this file at all whatsoever.  His own left-wing activism and associations with obtuse, radical, militant nescients is well documented.  Not by the CBC.  By folks like me. 

I’m not sure whose side these people are on — the CBC, Jack Layton, Libby Davies, etc — I’m on Canada’s.

Read about the Libby Davies story here:
NDP deputy leader faces backlash over Israel comments

Now updated:
PM, Liberals demand Davies resignation

Socialism-Reliant, Left-Wing, State-Owned CBC’s supporter/sponsor/advertiser of the day: GM-Cadillac

Today we feature, for your disgust, CBC’s supporter/sponsor/advertiser and enabler of the day: General Motors and its Cadillac division.  Apparently at GM, they don’t care that they are sponsoring a left-wing, socialism-reliant, state-owned media, complete with rabid anti-conservative columnists and replete with hateful, divisive, intolerant comments and commenters —or they do care and they actually endorse this economic social, and political model for our country. 


At first it may seem odd or incongruous that (A) Cadillac, being one of the least “utilitarian” and “egalitarian” and certainly among the costliest of automobiles, would advertise on a socialism-reliant state-owned media; and (B) that the ever “green”-promoting, “man made global warning” -theory-advocating CBC would compromise their supposed principles and accept ads from a company advertising a car that is among the most consumptive of carbon-based fuels of all automobiles on the planet and one which emits more of those evil “greenhouse gasses” than almost any other… but then you remember that GM is a company that, like the CBC itself, is now state-owned between the governments of the United States and Canada.  They all share many of the same values and principles, or lack thereof. 

It sure does leave some explaining for the other advertisers though, which aren’t yet state-owned, and whom I’ll feature as often as I can starting today.


Rosie O’Donnell: seize the assets; take over the companies, call it communism, I don’t care…

The (now blatantly clearly obviously do you still doubt me?) communist clown (and darling of the left) Rosie O’Donnell, Monday, on the state-owned CBC’s Sirius Satellite Radio (Canada) division’s “Rosie Radio” show:

“I say seize their assets. Right now. Seize their assets today. Take over the country. I don’t care [how]. Issue an executive order…Call it socialism, call it communism, call it anything you want. Let’s watch Rush Limbaugh explode on TV when he talks…Seize the assets. Take over BP.”

She says “seize their assets”.  By “executive order”. 

But at least she’s not a Nazi.  Or a militant, tyrannical totalitarian left-wing extremist. 

Support the CBC.  Vote liberal. Or progressive.  Or whatever. Call it anything you want.

Since BP’s largest recipient of campaign cash in the last election was BARACK OBAMA and Democrats, and so they essentially own him and them, would you call an Obama takeover (“by executive order”!) a sort of a communist reverse takeover?  And would this be another historic first?

CBC passively asserts huge political win is… “considered a victory” for the Harper Conservatives.

imageWell actually they don’t mention “Conservatives” at all.  That word doesn’t appear in their copy.  This is by design. 

Their headlines unwittingly read, however, like the Harper/Conservative agenda items for the G-8 and G-20 talks:

•  G8 to avoid thorny abortion, climate issues. —CHECK!

•  G20 ministers end push for global bank tax. —CHECK!

This conforms precisely to the agenda which Canada has been pushing world leaders, the world over, in the days and weeks leading up to the G8 and G20 conference, to cede.  And they’ve won.  We’ve won. 

And their copy reads, almost sheepishly, “it is considered a victory”? 

That’s like the Weekly Standard reporting, after Barack Obama’s presidential election, that it is “considered a victory” for Barack Obama. 

This isn’t a presidential election, but get real, CBC.  Prove you’re the unbiased news agency you hold yourselves out to be, instead of the small-minded, picayune, blinkered left-wing advocacy division of Canada’s liberal-and far-left that we in the sane set prove, with more and more credibility each day, you to be.  Have the journalist fortitude — the maturity and intellectual fortitude — to acknowledge facts and report them as they really are —even when you do hate them.  Otherwise you’re simply an embarrassment even to your various mothers, the progressives, and to the journalistic community.

Canada now controls the agenda.  How often have we ever been able to say that?  This is not “considered a victory”, CBC, it’s a clear and rather historic demonstration of the brand new, rarely if ever before seen respect for Canada and its leadership, from the world’s biggest leaders on the world stage.  Respect which the leaders and the industrial world they represent, are now paying to Canada, under its current — and do say it, CBC:  CONSERVATIVE — leadership.  Yes, it’s more than merely “considered to be” anything.  It’s a rock solid demonstration of a Canada that has become an actual power broker on the world stage, instead of an also-ran;  one which has been seen historically more as a cute little cousin of the Americans —to whom the massive powers of United States, Germany, and France have erstwhile treated only with polite diplomatic deference.  Now, they have all ceded on these important world issues.  Issues which Canada has alone pushed hard, under the leadership of Prime Minister Harper and Finance Minister Flaherty.  Conservatives. 

THAT’s the news.  Why not just report it, CBC?  Whose side are you on?  I’m on Canada’s

CTV reports it more accurately.  No wonder they’re the number one, most-watched broadacaster of news in Canada.


Note that they report is as “CANADA’S” victory, as does the Globe and Mail, below.  They don’t sheepishly contend that “it is considered a victory” for some Conservative political hack — oh sorry simply a nondescript political hack — as the CBC implies:


The Toronto Star — one of the most liberal mainstream papers on the continent — joins the CBC is cowardly alluding to a possible win, with their headline:  “Canada catches break in campaign against bank tax”.  Love that:  “Catches a break” —as if it’s dumb-ass luck like winning an Ontario lottery draw.  But note that they at least acknowledge a win for CANADA.