Hello freedom lovers!

Welcome to the new CBCwatch.ca.

We are building the site now, and when it’s done, it won’t likely look the way it does today, Sept 14 2011.  This is just scratched together quickly.

Keep tuning into this post and I’ll keep updating it. Also register and I’ll update you by email.

But don’t worry, this is private enterprise at work.  And it will be done quickly, and efficiently, on budget, using our own cash, with no government aid or supports of any kind.  In addition to which there is an actual point to doing the work.

Some posts from ProudToBeCanadian.ca, where most of this CBC-watching started, have been imported into this site now.  They were also ported to BoldColors.net at an earlier stage when we started that site. So I’m not sure how I’ll arrange things.  Posts shouldn’t be located in three different sites because that’s just confusing and I don’t think search engines like that. So I’m thinking out loud now. …

I’m going to install a forum for discussion. …. DONE!

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