Today’s total hypocrisy update: state-run accepts banner ad for frivolous jet travel, part II

It’s a “global emergency”!  A “moral obligation”!  The “science is settled”!  The “debate over”!  The “deniers” are so stupid! 

Some time ago, I pointed out how the hypocritical politically-correct CBC, while constantly harping on the “man-made global warming” and how awful it all is and how we must do something about it owning to the fact that, in the words of one of their mentors whom they constantly prop up, the you’ve got to be kidding party’s Jack (“ass”) Layton, (and I quote): “Mr. Speaker, our planet is dying!!” (he seriously said that in the House), they nonetheless gleefully accept banner ads at their web site for fun jet travel destinations

Here was a banner ad at on November 6 2007:

And note that the ads aren’t for “important” travel amongst the “important” liberals who must—MUST! —travel around the world to chit-chat about the “man-made global warming” (like Al Gore does on private Gulfstream jets), or for the many important U.N. tea parties at which liberals discuss Sudan or George Bush. No, these are ads for whimsical travel, just for wild bikini fun and rest-from-your-government-job games.

I was reminded of it by a recent column by the Toronto Sun’s Lorrie Goldstein, about the Bali conference on the “man-made global warming”, in which he wrote:

…First, whoever chose this luxury island resort to host this conference is a total BS artist.

Bali’s primary industry is tourism. The way you get to it is by flying.

That means its economy would collapse, as would that of many developing nations that have based their economies largely on tourism (and cheap air travel), if people ever get serious about fighting global warming…

Just to see how they’re doing on the hypocrisy file over there at the state-run media today, I found that they haven’t learned a thing from Bali, or me, or their Prophet Suzuki, or the Prophet Algore, or anybody else. 

Here is the banner at their site today:
Different company, but advertising jet travel for frivolous fun.


As I mentioned the first time I brought it up:

To paraphrase Bjorn Lomborg in his latest book Cool It: the Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming, liberal media that carry travel offers to faraway destinations and ads for cars, cheap flights and energy-intensive consumer products are hypocrites.  If these people really took the global-warming threat seriously, they would stop accepting ads for all the trappings of the “good life.” The failure to do so illustrates total hypocrisy and in my words, “scientifically proves” just how bogus those people are.


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