A glimpse into the minds of CBC.ca visitors

image Are ya like me?  Do you wonder who in tarnation would visit a web site owned and run by the state which competes against the web sites operated by its own citizens, and what they do while they’re there?  Well OK so you’re not exactly like me, but do you ever wonder what the “Top Searches” are over there at the multi-gazillion-dollar state-owned, state-run people’s web site? 

I’ve been meaning to post this glimpse into the minds of CBC.ca visitors for a long time but have kept forgetting.  Perhaps I need to exercise my mind by playing the Soduki game or whatever it’s called, provided there for us by the state. 

It’s a vital service the state is providing over there at the CBC web site, with the Sodookie puzzles or whatever they’re called.  Note that the second most frequent search is “Games”.  Oh the fun and games.  Reminds me of the online gambling sites operated by the provinces in which you can betBET


your way to a life of fun if you win the lottery!  Oh the values these benevolent governments instill in us plebeians. 

Thank God for taxes! 

Then in third place it’s the “hockey”.  Then “kids”.  Part o’ that “early learning” strategy I guess! 

image Playing Smokoodle or whatever it’s called would be better, I admit, than watching the graphic CBC video production on how our nation’s young men or boys can get their testicles waxed, as graphically shown in their CBC video called Ball Waxer, which I exposed a long time ago.

I believe I’ve mentioned this before about as often as I’ve mentioned Fox News Channel and how it’s now unbanned in Canada (contact your cable or satellite provider!), but clearly, state-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution

Then we’d all get smarter.  The absence of official state Shmodookerdoo games notwithstanding.

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