CBC today: State-run CBC’s Jesse Hirsh talks about technology without injecting politics

imageThe official state technology advisor or “analyst” or “consultant” as the state-run, state-owned CBC sometimes calls him, Jesse Hirsh, was just interviewed by anchor Nancy (“very interesting!”) Wilson on the “information overload” we’re all suffering from. 

He did not mention anything about politics during the discussion —not even informing us that far-leftist web site Rabble.ca presents a “a real pulse” in terms of how people are thinking across our country, as he once did prior to elections here in Canada.  That was information overload-of-crap, of course, not merely information overload

So he’s managing himself quite well in that regard since he last wrote a (scathing!) email to me inform me that I “slandered” him in my blog writing.  Well done.

[Here’s some CONTEXT]

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