CBC’s Henry Champ likens Republicans to tobacco-chewers; anchor hopes they don’t spit

image Henry Champ has been giving fairly moderate, balanced reports from New Hampshire (as he did in Iowa), despite the goading from the “news” anchors at the big desk in CBC TV HQ. 

But this one exchange this morning caught my ear, because I think it betrays such a clichéd, perhaps even bigoted point-of-view among Canadian liberals regarding the Americans generally, and Republican Americans in particular.  This was, I think, a most unfortunate exchange:

[10:05 AM PST]

Henry Champ:  “… and now, just now, among the Republicans, you can really see a dynamic where there might be on of those cigar smoking […loud giggles from anchor Suhana Meharchand…] tobacco-chewing conventions, where everybody says [using his best right-wing “tobacco-chewer” voice] ‘Now listen if you vote for me I’ll build you a bridge’—or whatever.” 

Suhana Meharchand:  “Just as long as he doesn’t spit after chewing that tobacco, Henry!” 

Henry Champ:  “Well there you go!”

[Later, at the end of the dialogue…]

Suhana Meharchand:  “Henry always good to talk to you—I wish I was standing right beside you!” 

Henry Champ:  “Even with the tobacco juice?!”

Suhana Meharchand:  [laughing] “Even with the tobacco juice!”

Your tax dollars at work.


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