CBC still digging deep for U.S. recession

image After I proved to you yesterday that the liberal-leftists’ state-run CBC was seemingly pushing for a good juicy fallacious group-think regarding a pretend “U.S. recession”, and then later backing off by simply adding a question mark to what was a statement of fact after they had their own expert explain to them that that no, there is no recession, today on CBC Newsworld they did some more research on the matter and found that once again, there is no recession.

They celebrated that fact by adding a banner on their story, reading “SPARED RECESSION?”—with a question mark!—even though for at least the second time, their own reporting proved— factually —that no, there is not a recession.  They had reports from bank economists (plural) and the World Bank, all saying: no recession:  not now, not in the future as we see it. 

But apparently a question mark is still warranted, because (and I think I’m spot-on, here) they are ever so hopeful that one will happen during President Bush’s term—before the next election—and during Prime Minister Harper’s term—before the next election. 

This is what I call portending a recession—hoping for one—pushing for one—by liberal news media rumor, innuendo, gossip, scare tactics, and wishful thinking. 

Ah… the agenda-driven state-owned leftists’ CBC.  They report what they want to report and how they want to report it, which is in a very peculiar way, and then you decide based on how they tell you to think, with your tax dollars.  It’s so cute and Iranian! 

I think they think you’re stupid.

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