CBC (literally) questions U.S. position in Iranian close-call; sides with Iranians???

UPDATED:  See below

A picture is worth a thousand words.


I don’t know who’s side the left-wing CBC is on, but personally, I’m on our side.

The agenda-drivers at the state-run CBC are calling a matter into question—using a now-familiar technique of putting a question mark at the end of what (I think) they really want you to believe (see my reports today and yesterday on the “U.S. Recession”, which they know by way of their own reporting is not happening, but in order to advance their agenda anyway, they stick a question mark after the statement and report on it anyway). 

Here are the facts:  A U.S. war ship, operating in international waters in the Persian Gulf, was possibly fired upon by Iranian Revolutionary Guard nuts.  They were then definitely taunted by three small Iranian water craft, much as the U.S.S. Cole was, before Al Qaeda homicide bomber nutbar terrorists in the craft smashed into the U.S.S. Cole, blowing a huge hole into it, and killing 17 innocent Americans.

The American war ships in this latest case filmed the whole thing with their on-board audio/video cameras—a new protocol clearly deployed in order to provide irrefutable PROOF of these sorts of things to the ever doubting liberal-left America-hating media, and Islamists in the Middle East.  (Even video proof doesn’t help some liberals who despite it, still like to pretend the 9/11 World Trade Towers and Pentagon attack was an inside job by George Bush and Dick Cheney… but one has to try to appeal to reason nonetheless.)

In the video, you can quite clearly see what is happening, and hear the radio exchange in which an Iranian nutbar says in broken English:  “I am coming to you. … You will explode after … minutes”.  The U.S. military calmly warns them to stay clear of the ship. 

Here’s a video from Fox News Channel.  |  Here’s one from CNN.

The Iranians, through their state-run media, said (in English… hello!) the U.S. video tape is a fake.  This kind of statement is for the consumption of the Islamist nutbars throughout the middle east, and the appeasers in the west.  Therefore rather than call out the Iranian as the liars that they are, the state-run CBC in Canada questions the Americans and actually appear (to me) to side with the Iranians by default—by questioning the authenticity of the tape. 

This is typical liberal-left positioning.  Err on the side of the terrorists. 

This represents everything that is wrong with liberals in Canada and the U.S..  They don’t even try anymore to hide their contempt for their own country or allies.  Given the choice, they call into question, and then blame and/or condemn America at every opportunity, no matter how stupid it makes them appear to those of us in the sensible set.

The CBC pretends to be balanced and fair?  But they are not?  They are actually fakers? 

The CBC is a disgrace to our nation.

Once again, I don’t know who’s side the left-wing CBC is on, but personally, I’m on our side.

UPDATE (Jan 10 2008):

The Iranians released their own video of the incident today, in order to prove that the American video was fake.  Please look at it.  It will make you laugh.  This is largely because it proves that the American video is absolutely true.  It actually shows them buzzing the American warships, and talking to them on the radio—exactly as the American video shows.

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