CBC features Gloria Steinem on Hillary; Globe and Mail features poll on (just) Dem candidates

Here’s a pair of hilarious follow-ups to what I thought were my pretty darn complete shout-downs of the liberals’ media and their recent coverage of the U.S. presidential campaigns. 

Today, the state-run CBC.ca web site features a fair and balanced audio review—well, what THEY’d describe as fair and balanced.  It’s a CBC radio interview with far-left feminist Gloria Steinem, and her take on ♥ Hillary ♥.  Yummy liberalism and feminism wrapped into one big fat liberal-leftist feminist bundle!  (On your dime).  Apparently Hugo Chavez was busy.  As was Rush Limbaugh (he always seems to be!).


Steinem says she “hopes [Hillary] is having affairs too… for balance!” (and she wasn’t joking!).  Ah… the very epitome of leftist, feminist thinking!  What a lovely liberal-leftist anti-family sentiment, typically and utterly bereft of any values or grounding, whatsoever.  (By the way, the CBC anchor doesn’t question the sentiment at all.) 

And today’s poll at the liberals’ Globe and Mail is simply too hideously ignorant in its display of liberal bias that I couldn’t ignore it.  (Although I didn’t vote!)


A whopping 162 people have voted so far today!  (Obama is winning.) 


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