TOO FUNNY: Iranian video designed to show U.S video was “fake”, shows that the U.S video was true

FOLLOW-UP to a CBC-exposing blog entry from yesterday, January 9 2008:

The Iranians released their own video of the U.S. Navy confrontation with the Iranian navy in the Persian Gulf, today, in order to supposedly prove that the American video was fake and that the incident did not happen. 

They do this by releasing their own video showing the incident happening. 

Please look at it.  It will make you laugh.  This is largely because it proves that the American video is absolutely true.  It actually shows the Iranians—from an Iranian boat—harassing and taunting the American warships, and talking to them on the radio—exactly as the American video shows. 

Video totally boomerangs on Iranians

Screen-capture in my CBC-exposing blog entry from yesterday, Jan. 9 2008:

There has been no follow up comment —or apology—from the CBC that I have seen as yet. 


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