State-run CBC not covering the Michigan primary today? Hey! It’s all Republican! Coinkydink!

image I’m not sure if they’re giving those Canadians among us who aren’t on the political far left the virtual finger, or what. 

The liberals’ left-wing state-run CBC (at least their Newsnet secretariat), which, daily, is all over their beloved Hillary and Obama and even John Edwards, and which was all over the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries (at least they were all over the Democratic side of those races), is (as best I can tell) completely ignoring the Michigan primary today. 

The thing is, it is largely a Republican Party primary

Are they literally admitting that since they detest or at best don’t care one whit about the Republicans that they therefore don’t want you to either?  Are they literally admitting that they only care about the Democrats—their beloved Hillary and Obama and Edwards?  Are they literally trying to be mocked and laughed off the air by tacitly admitting their abject bias and leftist propaganda-driving (in this case by an overt omission of the important news of the day)?

imageNo on-air coverage.  No, none.  It is taking place today!  By the way, they also missed the Wyoming primary—also a Republican-only affair.

They are, however, covering the breaking story about the origins of syphilis.  Well “breaking” inasmuch as it happened during the travels of Christopher Columbus. 

The state’s official man in Washington, Henry Champ, who covered the New Hampshire primary and Ohio caucuses to death, was interviewed today, but on the baseball hearings taking place there in the United States.  Nothing about the Michigan primaries. The baseball hearings, but nothing about the Republican race.  I do realize I’m repeating myself.  This blatant bias is a little hard to believe even for me. 

They also covered the story of a moose which got stuck in the ice down south. 

See more on the left-wing bias in the media with regard to the U.S. election here.

UPDATE: After hours of vacuous coverage of some irrelevant stories, the state-run media finally decided to tell you a tiny bit about the Michigan primary.  For many CBC viewers, this will be the first time they even heard of the thing.  For many CBC viewers, it will be among their first glimpses of Republicans in the race, and a rare review of their names. 


At 11:39 AM PST they teased upcoming coverage with a banner over their stock footage making the names of the Republican front-runners as unclear as possible in their effort to make a joke out of the whole thing.  (Is there ever any joking about Obama’s name?)
image  image

After this, we had the entertainment update, then the story about that moose getting stuck in the ice was repeated again.  Then the weather across the country.  At this point, I was forced by intellectual need and my quest to preserve my sanity to switch to Fox News Channel (the best channel in Canada), and actually get informed about the world.

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