State-run CBC official opinionator calls Fox News “right wing”; then channels their thinking!

One of the state-run CBC’s official paid informants, Neil MacDonald, usually a “reporter” but this time working under the guise of a political expert of some sort whose opinions, it is taken for granted, Canadians should respect because he works for the state-run media, has written some more words of wisdom State-run CBC opinion from Neil Macdonald.  It’s confusing.  One day a reporter, the next, he tells us how he thinks.  It’s confusing because having watched the CBC for some time, I don’t know which is which. 

It’s another ridiculous politics—“Analysis and Viewpoint”—lecture from the’s multi-gazillion-dollar taxpayer-funded web site.  Apparently, they don’t realize that their “news” reports, including all their carefully selected omissions from the news, qualify as overt propaganda too, and provides more than enough “Analysis and Viewpoint” without this separate section.  Actually maybe they do know that. 

Anytime the far-left, state-run, totally-consigned-to-state-socialism and taxpayer cash CBC presumes to inform us about the media, either here or especially in the more free and more capitalist U.S.A., run like the wind.  Brain poo coming your way.

The commentary (it’s all about… OBAMA, of course!) focuses on Obama’s faux campaign buzzword, “Change”, and how it really doesn’t represent much “change” at all.  Don’t worry though, he reminds us:  ”[Republican] Men like Mitt Romney, John McCain and Rudy Giuliani, whose careers have been the very embodiment of the status quo, are now fighting over who among them can best be seen as an agent of change. … It verges on the ridiculous, given the intrinsic meaning of the word conservative.” 

That trite little expert analysis on Republicans’ own effort to evoke positive “change” (even though they’re conservatives, see?!)  from a reporter who has worked for the state-run CBC… for the past twenty years.

It includes the ubiquitous CBC anti-Fox-News bromide; the left-wing media drive-by smear of Fox News Channel:  ”…Conservatives, egged on by Fox News and other right-wing media outlets, use the word “liberal” as a smear, meaning something close to traitor…”

He knows what they mean when they say the word “liberal”?  All of them?  All of them over there at Fox News Channel?  As a group?  Even the liberal FNC staff, which according to some reports make up most of the on-air faces?  And note that he said “something close to a traitor”.  Why not a full-on traitor?  Does he have specific knowledge leading him to believe that the “right-wingers” over there at Fox News don’t really believe they’re quite traitors, just close-to traitors?  I suppose this was a nod to the CBC’s renowned “accuracy”—like when they call the war on terror a “so-called war on terror”.

And those sheep-like dumb-ass conservatives—they’re “egged on” by that bastion of “right-wing” thought control, are they?  We conservatives… we are so sheep-like and stupid!  (Unlike the liberals, leftists, and sundry Canadian communists who just adore the far-left-wing state-run CBC which, by Iranian-style broadcasting laws created by liberal-leftists, must be offered to all Canadians at no extra charge, it should be noted!) 

Personally, I often just go ahead and call them traitors.  Or fascists.  Despite watching the CBC every day. 

And by the by, pray tell, what other “right-wing media outlets” are there down there, oh wise objective and not-all all-far-left-wing state-employed one?  (I mean aside from The Weekly Standard magazine, Human Events, and three or four AM radio shows.)  Here’s a helpful objectivity advisory concerning the opinions emanating from left-wing state-owned media about other media:  many leftists in the media actually believe that if it’s not state-owned, Soviet Union or North Korean or Canadian-style, then it’s de facto “right-wing”, inasmuch as anything not communist or socialist is capitalist, and therefore “right-wing”.  This is the level of intellectual acuity and objectivity you’re dealing with much of the Canadian liberal media. 

Don’t be “egged-on” by this load of far-left warmed-over claptrap from the CBC.  I know some of you will.  That’s explains at least 5% of the NDP’s 11% popular vote! 

State-run CBC's anti-capitalist Heather Mallick For a totally different opinion, read state-run CBC leftist columnist Heather Mallick’s latest column, in which she compares our capitalist shopping at Walmart and Costco to the Black Death in the 14th century; and who like a typical liberal-left elitist who hasn’t been listening to the arguments against the stupid Kyoto accord, laments the recent news about people in India getting cars:  “Yes, it’s an environmental catastrophe that cars are now going to be affordable for millions of people in India who were doing fine with scooters…”.  Damn those East Indians for wanting what I have always had!

But anyway, since Canadians seem to have no energy or aptitude or even an appetite to do anything about it, I’ll just regurgitate two points:

1.  Why does the state-run media provide Canada with written opinions about politics on their web site?  Or opinions about anything, for that matter?  Isn’t that my job as a citizen? 

2.  State-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution. 

Thanks to those who like me do share my interest in keeping Canada a free country, full of people with self-determination who don’t need to be told how to think by the state.

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