State-run CBC does U.S. election. On one side: Daily Kos writer; on other: Huffington Post writer

The state-run CBC just presented, once again, a “news” report on the U.S. election. But this time they were talking about Republicans for once!  Yes I’m dead serious.

They had two guest “experts” on board.  Two! 


OK sorry —now for the CBC far-left liberalvision reality check:  One guy, the guy on the left, is well-known to be a writer for the far, far-left-wing “Daily Kos” blog.  This is a rabidly anti-Bush, anti-anything-conservative, far-left, some say downright socialist blog.  Everybody who isn’t drunk knows this. 

Note that they don’t tell us that in their banner—they simply tell us he’s from a university.  Sounds better to them I guess.  Sounds like it must be legit.

Where’s the balance?  For “balance”, they had, as their other guest, a writer for the not-quite-as-far-left but nonetheless rabidly anti-Bush and anti-anything-conservative “Huffington Post” blog.  Everybody who isn’t drunk knows about this blog too.  It is known for how left-wing it is. 

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So as is usual for the liberal media in Canada:  the state-run CBC presents what they think are “both sides”:  the left-wing side, countered by the far, far-left-wing side.  That’s fair and balanced to Canada’s liberal media. 

Don’t be lulled into thinking the CBC simply didn’t know what they were doing.  The CBC knows very well what they are doing here.  And as I see it, they are hoping, based on the notion that you are utterly stupid, that you don’t know this, and will eat it up.  This is the drip-by-drip Fabian socialism at work.  “Team Progressive”.  They have, as I see it, totally screwed you intellectually.  On your dime.  Have a nice day!

• Also see this blog entry:  I mentioned this back on January 4, 2008, when they had also had expert Feldman on to inform Canadians. 

• And here, when on January 8, 2008, they interviewed Sklar for her expertise.

Allan LichtmanA later report on the CBC once again called upon the political expertise of “an author and political historian”.  In other words, someone with no particular bent, politically.  A historian!  Someone who is neutral, most might think.  Allan Lichtman


On September 28, 2005, Lichtman formally announced his candidacy for the United States Senate from Maryland. He ran as a progressive, opposing the War in Iraq and calling for an immediate and safe withdrawal of U.S. troops.


Lichtman lost in the primary to Ben Cardin. According to the final tally, he received 6,919, or 1.2% of the vote, landing him in 6th place in a field of 18.

Not my kind of “objective” “expert”. 

Not sure if the objectives CBC producers saw these but don’t miss the YouTube video of the historian and his wife getting arrested as a political protesters

Or the historian’s campaign ad


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