CBC uses keyboard “tricks” to “trick” you: Joel Johannesen

image Note the scare-quotes around the word wrongly in this headline at the liberal-left’s multi-gazillion-dollar taxpayer-funded state-run CBC.ca web site today:

It reads: Torture watchlist ‘wrongly’ names Canadian allies: Bernier

This editorial device is used a lot by me and other clearly biased writers and editors and publishers.  Therefore it’s also used a lot in the liberals’ mainstream media (even though they pretend to be “fair and balanced”) to greater or lesser degrees of effectiveness. Watch for it! 

This is only a mild case but here, the CBC is playing pure politics.  The sentence ends with a colon followed by the name Bernier.  That implies that everything preceding the colon and the name —in other words that whole sentence—are the sentiments or thoughts or the expression of Bernier, to whom they attributed it.  The whole sentence is. 

So the quotes are redundant (and I suspect very strongly that they know that since they’re so smart over there at that socialist outfit); but moreover, they’re actually very tendentious.  They are put there to draw attention to—and mock to the degree that it’s possible—the word “wrongly”.  If there were an eye-roll character they could have stuck in there, they might have.  This, according to Joel Johannesen.  See?

This device is used in much the same way by leftists in the liberals’ media as others I’ve been telling you about.  They make a statement in a headline like “Conservatives Suck The Life Out Of Canada”, following it up with “according to critics” (or just a colon and the word critics.  Or they tell you that “Abortions are Acceptable” but add a big old question mark after it to sucker you into thinking they’re merely posing a question for altruistic “discussion” purposes. 

God is poison, um, QUESTION MARK. Bush is the worst, um, QUESTION MARK. Teens getting pregnant is cool, um, QUESTION MARK.

The state-run CBC often says, in their on-air propaganda reports that they call “news”, the words “so-called” in front of the “war on terror”.  They call it “the so-called war on terror”.  Using the words “so-called” in front of something has a tendentious effect.  It makes you question the words that follow, and makes you think differently than you might otherwise.  It casts a political bias on it.  The CBC knows this.  That’s why they do it.  Um, according to unnamed sources.

Or the liberals’ media do as I pointed out just this morning.  They publish a story which is full of quotes by someone they admire like Stephane Dion or some other socialist who is promoting a national universal socialist day care (and “early learning” —wink!) system, and then inject a sentence or paragraph right in the middle of it that is not a quote at all.  It’s actually the hideously left-wing words of what we now realize is a crappy reporter. 

They think you’re stupid?  They are trying to sucker you?  They cannot be trusted?  Correct, according to critics.

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