CBC lost its stock market “plunge-o-meter”, but finds yummy Armageddon.

Value has been “wiped-out”.  The drop means “lost value”.  The news anchor says “billions lost”.  It’s called “the carnage”.  It portends a “possible recession”.  It’s Armageddon. Armageddon I tell you. 

Strangely, when the markets both here and in the U.S. hit new, historic record highs —which happened nearly every single week for the past few years and up until just recently —the state-run CBC and all liberals failed to ever identify it as “value that has been newly created”.  Or that the new historic record highs represent “gained values”, or “free cash”, or a “windfall”  for Canadians.  And of course none of it ever portended “a huge and historic boom in the economy”

Actually, they employed what I would call The CBC Method:  They nearly completely ignored the rise, and the historic highs.  Let me repeat that: They ignored it.  I’ve blogged about this phenomenon approximately 8,000 times (recently here but see list below).

CBC Plunge-o-Meter Well they ignored the market until one fun day last year, that is, when suddenly the market slumped (yay!), and the crack CBC business geniuses (an oxymoron if ever there was one, inasmuch as the CBC totally relies on a socialist/communist state for its very survival) deployed what I dubbed their “CBC Plunge-o-Meter” to monitor the big drop that day.  They were so excited about the big drop they invented a graphical gizmo to monitor it during all of their news stories.  It remained in the upper-right of the CBC screen all day long. 

They never ever had a CBC “Sky-Rocketing to New Historic Record Highs-o-Meter”.  That would be like encouraging the capitalist system, or something, I guess, and drawing attention and highlighting the fact that (relatively) conservative leaders, President Bush and Stephen Harper were running the governments of Canada and the U.S. during that time.  Note that in juxtaposition, they were all over the market’s record highs when Clinton and Chretien were in power. 

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Hands up: Who knew the Dow, S&P 500, and TSX all reached record highs again yesterday?

News you may have missed if all you watched was the state-run CBC or any other liberalvision channel:  From Fox News Channel last year, a typical news day graphic.  The banner reads “Dow enjoying longest winning run in 80 years”.

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