CBC “business” reporter quotes radical, far left socialist political agitator George Soros

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Just now, on the state-owned, totally reliant upon socialist thinking and a socialist-friendly governments CBC, mentioned that the end of the dominance of the U.S. Dollar in the world is at hand… according to none other than George Soros.  No, he wasn’t saying it ironically or sarcastically.

“Billionaire George Soros says the present crisis marks the end of an era based on the Dollar as the international currency!”

—Robert Lack, state-owned CBC “business” reporter

Anybody who isn’t currently high on pot or who has ever looked at anything other than the CBC—like, say, the Internet—for the past ten years, knows that George Soros is among the most radically left-wing socialist political agitators in the United States, alive today.  Clearly and rabidly anti-Bush, some say he’s just as clearly anti-American. 

Soros financially backs dozens of far left-wing political causes with his billions of dollars, and supports Democratic Party aspirants of the furthest left variety.  He also financially supports MoveOn.org and several other well-known, far, very far left-wing Internet sites.  He has basically devoted his life to ridding America and Canada of every non-left-wing-thinking person alive from any position of power or even influence. He is rabidly anti-war-on-terror. 


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Soro has also been convicted in France of insider trading, and France and other countries don’t welcome him as a business operator at all.  He is a currency trader among other things, and has been accused in several countries of trying to bring down their national currencies for his own profit.  He also owns and runs a huge hedge fund operation in the U.S.

George Soros is well-known for trying to bring down the capitalist system in America as we now know it, in order to replace it with a peacenik, far-left, socialist regime. 

Therefore he’s the perfect person for the state-run, state-owned CBC “business” reporter, with the fancy financial screens and graphics in the background, to quote as some sort of guru speaking from another of those fabulous World Economic Forums.

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