CBC banner reads “Markets Stumble Again”; DOW in background chart: UP 53 points and rising


imageToo funny.  “MARKETS STUMBLE AGAIN”?

The DOW (the world’s most important stock index in the world by a capitalist mile) is “stumbling” by going up 53 points, according their their own crack high-techitude at the socialist TV station, CBC Newsworld. 

(The “business” “reporter” took the opportunity to stick another quote from far-leftist George Soros in there again, as a way to bolster his yummy factual objective unbiased business news. See previous hilarity from earlier today: UPDATED: CBC “business” reporter quotes radical, far left socialist political agitator George Soros). 

This is very familiar theme:  yesterday, I caught the CTV ominously telling us that the Toronto market was “sliding”That was while it was up 300 points.  It closed the day by “sliding” up by in excess of 500 points.  (CTV:  “the slide continues”.  Slide up?)


The markets —all of the ones on the fancy board (above) as seen behind the George Soros-quoting CBC business “expert”—“STUMBLED” UP at the close of the trading day.  They all closed up.  The DOW “stumbled” by closing up about 300 points.  The Toronto market “stumbled” by closing up about 40 points.  The NASDAQ “stumbled” up about 24 points.

The liberal media’s faces are all looking down and gloomy


(Added Jan 23 6:20 PM PST)

Hi Joel,
I’m not a member of your website but i do check it regularly, i believe you do a VERY valuable service. I do however disagree with you regarding the markets and i believe that the sub prime crisis is much worse than you think(at least i believe thats your stance). I like to think of myself as non-partisan when it comes to economics. Numbers don’t lie. I do believe that there will be a signifigant slowdown in the U.S economy. I would recommend a website to consider evaluating. Financialarmageddon.com . I have read the book and it looks most disturbing. I’m not trying to fear monger but i think you should check this website out. I’ts about facts not politics….

I wrote back:

I’ve never said anything about the economic prospects of either the U.S. or Canada. In fact if anything I’ve warned so-called “conservative” politicians that their actions in office are detrimental to the economy here and in the U.S.

I’ve only reported how the liberal media totally lies and constantly talks-up a recession, a stock market “crash”, and doom and gloom generally.  And how they quote socialists without telling us, passing them off as plain old normal objective experts.  And they’ve been doing this pretty much throughout the economic boom that has been taking place over the past, well, since Bush was President in the U.S. and Harper was Prime Minister here.

My major in university was Economics, and I used to be financial planner and stock broker. 

The liberal media is full of crap.  That is my position. 

Thanks for the feedback! 


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