Quick question: Why did CBC quote far-left US doomsayer, Bush-hater, George Soros; not upbeat Gates?

Robert Lack quoting Far-Leftist George Soros as if he's just another expertAs I pointed out yesterday, the state-run CBC “Your Business” reporter and, I guess we’re to believe, fair and balanced business “expert”, Rob Latch, quoted (without attributing any political leanings to him) the Bush-hating and far-left political agitator George Soros and his America is going to Hell economic doomsday message yesterday (CBC quote: “Billionaire George Soros says the present crisis marks the end of an era based on the Dollar as the international currency!”Robert Lack, state-owned CBC Newsworld business “reporter”). 

But they didn’t make a similarly big deal out of the comments from the rather upbeat, richest, and arguably the most successful entrepreneur in the world. who was speaking from that very same conference today. Huh! 

Bill gates said today:

“The US economy has been very strong in the last 10 to 15 years. Unfortunately I don’t have a crystal ball to see into the next few years.  But I am an optimist. The US economy could remain strong in the next few years because technological progress will propel it.”

Oh that’s why.  Silly me. 

Gates led the Forbes magazine “Rich List” for the 13th year in 2007 with an estimated fortune of 56 billion dollars, making that left-wing agitprop George Soros a chump by comparison (and actually, by comparison, he’s a chump in every other which way too). 



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