CBC’s Jesse Hirsh drums up another political angle in another “what’s up in tech?!” infoscreed

Jesse Hirsh -- must….promote…. left-wingers…. Jesse Hirsh is on the CBC Newsworld’s “techno”-scene again.  Uh oh!  That means more, um, “techno-politics” tinged with a left wing bias!  I know that doesn’t make any sense at all whatsoever, but this is the state-owned, state-run CBC!  They’re so left-wing they don’t even know how left wing they are anymore.  They’ve simply lost all perspective, in my biased but spot-on opinion.

image As a part of his excited meanderings about some technological thing, he’s describing the writings of a blogger from a blog he reads named Ana Marie Cox.  Coincidentally, Cox is a left-wing blogger.  Very well known in the political blogosphere to be a left-wing blogger.  But Hirsh doesn’t mention that.  Whadayaknow. 

Wikipedia describes her as follows (partially): 

Ana Marie Cox, a former editor at suck.com, was the founding editor. Under her tenure, Wonkette was known for its sharp, sarcastic, intelligent voice, and for its mixture of heady political discourse with repeated references to gin and anal sex.

She’s also the one whose blog once included this bon mot

Chief Justice John Roberts [Republican] has died in his summer home in Maine. No, not really, but we know you have your fingers crossed.

Hirsh goes on to explain something she wrote recently in a different blog which she’s inexplicably (no I take that back—it’s at TIME magazine) allowed to write in:

Jesse Hirsh:  “She’s off to a debate in Florida.  Fell asleep in the bus.  Arrived at the stop, ‘Robert Novak’s beside me.  I’ll never sleep again!’

[giggling in background] Robert Novak’s this rather old, right-wing pundit in the United States… But it’s that type of really narrowing down of the essence of the matter is part of the appeal!”

Robert Novak (younger than my mom) is “this rather old, right-wing pundit” only if you’re this “rather insolent and rude” punk from nowhereville.  But thanks for telling us he’s “right-wing”.  He’s actually a registered Democrat, even if he’s considered “conservative” by some.  And love him or hate him, unlike the precious Ana Marie Cox he’s actually a living legend in politics and political journalism in the United States, having been practicing his craft for some 50 years.  A man who journalists —at least the ones who are trying to be taken seriously rather than as a joke — would never blithely describe as “a rather old right-wing pundit”.  They wouldn’t simply because they understand the concept of “a modicum of respect”.  And because they know their place in the world of politics. And because they’re on the state-owned, state-run CBC TV across the nation. 

What a disgrace.

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