CBC ends live coverage of nuclear testimony immediately after Keen testifies; before gov’t testimony

I was struck yesterday by how the state-run CBC Newsworld instantly cut live coverage of the testimony at the House of Commons natural resources committee, immediately after the liberal-left’s star of the show, the fired Linda Keen—a decidedly unfriendly witness against the current government quite clearly—testified. 

Still to come was the other side of the equation:  the government’s side.  I wanted to hear the Health Minister and others defend their actions—which I’ve tentatively supported. 

image No Matter.  The ever-so fair and balanced, objective CBC only wanted to show you the side that was designed as a audio-video harangue against the Harper Conservatives.  Each of the opposition parties—Liberal, Bloc, NDP—started their friendly and leading questioning of the fired Ms. Keen by apologizing on behalf of all Canadians, saying that the Prime Minister of Canada doesn’t speak for them

The fact that in doing that, these political tools—useful idiots all—presumed to speak for all of us?  Well that little bit of atrocious arrogance didn’t cross their minds.  It was a hideous display. 

Thankfully, the Ottawa Citizen has a front-page story today featuring the side I wanted to hear, even if peppered with tendentious editorial poop that seems to be designed to counteract the points made by the government:

Health Minister Tony Clement belittled Linda Keen’s concern for nuclear safety yesterday, within an hour of the fired nuclear watchdog saying a reactor shut for an upgrade in November posed a safety risk 1,000 times greater than the international standard.

Ms. Keen’s assertions about a safety risk, during her first public appearance since her firing two weeks ago as president of the nuclear safety commission, also were denounced as “erroneous and misleading” by Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., the Crown corporation that owns and operates the reactor in Chalk River.

“She got it wrong,”
Mr. Clement told reporters, defending the government’s decision to fire Ms. Keen for not putting medical isotope production ahead of installing backup pumps to protect against potential radioactive leaks in the event of an earthquake.

“When you balance the health and safety of Canadians versus the possibility of an earthquake never seen in the Ottawa Valley in human history, she got it wrong.”

AECL said standards cited by Ms. Keen during testimony at the House of Commons natural resources committee do not exist. It said even in the “worst-case scenario” of a severe earthquake right under the reactor, the radiation exposure to workers would be less than half received from a CT scan and exposure to the public would be less than half received during a cardiovascular diagnostic treatment…

You can see why the CBC and other anti-Conservative leftists wouldn’t want you to hear that testimony. 


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