CBC introduces Huffington Post guest without advising that Huffington Post is far left-wing site

Harry Forestell talks to Huffington Poster CBC Newsworld “news” anchor Harry Forestell teases an upcoming segment:

“In just a few minutes we’re going to be talking to the political editor of the Huffington Post for his take on the race for the White House.”

Then when the segment starts, he introduces the guest simply as the ”…political editor of the Huffington Post, it’s a popular web site for analysis and opinion.” 

This is reminiscent of when the CBC’s “tech expert” (that’s “TECH” expert) Jesse Hirsh advised Canadians (just prior to the last federal election)  that the rabidly far-left web site discussion forum “Babble.ca” was, and I quote, “among the best blogs” in Canada; and that it represents “a real pulse” in terms of how people are thinking across our country. 

For those of you who only watch the CBC and are therefore utterly ignorant of all the truth and facts, Huffington Post is a web site that more fully-informed people know very well as a very far left-wing, anti-Bush, and anti-anything-conservative, totally biased and admittedly so, web site. 

But the CBC doesn’t say anything about that.  They decided you didn’t need to know that.  They’ve done this repeatedly.  For example, the last time they had a guest from the Huffington Post (during which they countered them with a guest from the even further left-wing Daily Kos—an even more radical left-wing web site, truth be known). 

Anyway, they then broke from that interview in order to cover, live, the news conference by Democrat John Edwards and his big boring announcement that he’s quitting the race.  The “news conference” was, of course, mostly nothing but a bash all conservatives and all things conservative festival.  The multi-millionaire left-wing Breck Girl (who CBC reporter Henry Champ earlier referred to as “progressive”) held the news conference in…. New Orleans… in front of a row of half-built homes in a part of town that hasn’t yet been rebuilt. 

It’s like I’m watching something called The Liberal-Left Propaganda Channel


They mentioned that Republican Rudy Giuliani has also quit the race, but that’s it—they merely mentioned it.  No footage, no pictures, no live coverage, no nothing.

At about 1:45 PM PST, they had another discussion with an expert:  a Democratic Party speechwriter.  (At least they told us.  I have no idea why they did—I mean I have no idea why they’d have a discussion with a Democratic Party speechwriter inasmuch as that’s rather redundant for the CBC; nor why they suddenly decided that telling us their political affiliation was appropriate). 

Republican Rudy Giuliani is holding his official news conference announcing he’s quitting the race, just like Democrat John Edwards did earlier.  Luckily for them, the CBC runs the BBC News (for some bizarre un-Canadian reason) every day at the 3:00 PST hour, and the BBC is itself covering the news conference.  Bets on whether the CBC would have? 

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