New UN “Messenger of Peace” George Clooney thinks Canada announced troop withdrawal today

CBC reporter  The liberals’ U.N. today betrayed one of the reasons why they’re so out of touch with reality.  As did the state-owned, state-run CBC. 

Newly appointed “Messenger of Peace” (and stupidity, apparently), Hollywood liberal, actor, and an anti-conservative and anti-Bush activist, George Clooney, while being asked a question by a CBC reporter today at a live U.N. news conference, asked the CBC reporter if Canada hadn’t officially announced its troop withdrawal, just today, from Afghanistan. 

This happened at about 8:30 AM PST today on CBC Newsworld. 

The questioner himself—a reporter from the state-owned, state-run CBC—sounded as though he was purposely using the spotlight created by this little liberal mini-festival to misrepresent Canada and its position on Afghanistan, it seems to me, and relay a cute little anti-war message.

Here’s my transcript from my recording:

CBC Reporter: There’s a growing debate in some NATO countries over the war in Afghanistan and in my country some people say that no war is justified and that we should withdraw our troops from Afghanistan…

Clooney: You just announced today that you’re withdrawing, didn’t you?

CBC Reporter: …Well there’s an ongoing debate.  My question is, as a messenger of peace, do you feel that some wars are justified, and in this case should Canada pull its troops out of Afghanistan?

Clooney:  You know I’m, I’m not the guy to answer that one because I have my own personal beliefs about all of those things and those wouldn’t be representative necessarily of the U.N. … Sometime you and I might sit down and do an interview and I can tell you what I believe in sort of in my personal view but standing here in an official capacity that’s not a that’s not a very uh uh it’s not the best use of of you know my time or my space in this place.  I appreciate the question, I just you know I have a whole set of opinions that may not be something to represent with the U.N., you know what I mean?

The CBC Newsworld anchor, Nancy Wilson, in recapping the segment, made no mention of the gaffe made by the Messenger of Peace.

Neil G____ was the name of the reporter.  Couldn’t quite make it out.  Somebody please help me out here so I can inform everybody who he was. 


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