CBC interviews yet another “expert” from… the Daily Kos. Introduces him as… nothing of the sort

The left-wings’ state-owned, state-run CBC Newsworld just had a guest “expert” on, in order to discuss the presidential race down south.  His name was Thomas Schaller.  They told us the name of the book he wrote (“Whistling Past Dixie: How Democrats Can Win Without The South”—but that didn’t clue them in as to his political leanings, apparently, at least not enough to bother to apprise us of that information). 

I would have thought that to be fair and balanced and objective, they would at least have mentioned that their guest “expert” is a left-wing biased “expert”. But no, they didn’t mention that. 

As usual, as almost always, he’s a liberal Democrat.  Aside from writing a book, he’s also written extensively for the far, far-left-wing blog called The Daily Kos.  Pretty soon, all bloggers from that far-left blog will have been interviewed by the state-owned media in Canada.  And none of them identified as such. All of them passed-off only as completely objective, neutral “experts”. 


Nearly every single “expert” ever interviewed on liberalvision in Canada, ever, is a professor, and a liberal or Marxist.  Professors are reliably leftists, and yet Canadians think they are all uniformly smart, and reliable as to the information they provide.  This is one of the ways in which the left-wing agenda-driven media (and academia, of course) molds you and your kids.  It’s this Orwellian, drip-by-drip, Fabian socialist model of media propaganda that eventually turns Canadians into mush-minded liberal-leftists.  Coming from the state-owned, state-run media makes it, I don’t know, totalitarianFascist.  It makes Canada something other than a free country to be sure. 

image Canadians, judging from their actions to date, appear to be in favor of that. 

Anyway, because Schaller’s book which instructs Democrats how to beat those damned Republicans wasn’t enough of a clue to the CBC producers, his writing in a liberal-left blog  about his participation at the far-left-wing bloggers convention—the Daily Kos convention last year, should have been.  But no, it also wasn’t enough.  Sober people who aren’t high on crack know that the Daily Kos is one of the biggest far-left-wing blogs in all of North America.  I guess that’s what the CBC is relying on. 

As I mentioned, they also missed his blogging at the far-left-wing Daily Kos blog itself

This is just the latest in a string of far-left-wing Daily Kos bloggers that have appeared on CBC liberalvision in the very recent past, none of whom are so identified.  Here’s one recent blog entry I wrote which revealed this hidden agenda; | Here’s another; | Here’s another.  The CBC producers and reporters and anchors appear to have the Daily Kos’s direct phone number plastered on their speed dials.  The CBC producers and reporters must also hang out at that far-left-wing blog all day long.  They do seem to gather a lot of their news from that “source”, and the presentation of the “news” that we see on the CBC is much like that on the Daily Kos. 

Shockingly, the interview with the “expert” about the presidential race revolved entirely around the DEMOCRATS, exclusively.  No, no Republicans were discussed.  No, none.  Not at all.

So do as they say.  Vote liberal.  Get more of this.  On your dime.  And mine.  It’s a “Canadian value”.

State-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.

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