CBC on Super Tuesday: Super deceit day as they again pass off leftist “experts” as totally neutral

The liberal-leftists’ state-owned, state-run CBC continues its deceitful, mendacious propaganda feed today, through its CBC Newsworld division.  The are lying through omission if I’m not mistaken. 

They apparently continue to refuse to come clean and admit their overt left-wing bias.  For that reason and others, I think they need to be shut down forthwith, and most of their executives and producers and anchors and reporters should be called before a Parliamentary committee to answer for this overt left-wing bias and indoctrination attempt on our taxpayer dime.  They hold themselves out to be fair and balanced and neutral and objective.  I believe their mandate is to be fair and balanced and objective.  But they clearly, in my opinion, are not.

The Youth LIBERAL Vote  As they have done over the previous several weeks or even months (dutifully blogged here—just look back), they continually trot out political “experts” whom they blithely introduce only as the author of some innocuous book, or whom they describe as “historians”, or whom they associate only with an organization unknown to most Canadians, without ever attributing a political tag to them whatsoever. 

And forget fair and balanced.  They’re almost all liberals and sundry leftists, varying only in the degree of their left-wing bias.  Virtually none of them are even the scantest bit conservative or Republican (I honestly can’t think of one that I’ve seen in recent memory).

Erica Williams is connected with a left-wing outfit  I slept in today, but not a minute after I got to PTBC-related work, the state media had a woman “expert” on named Erica Williams, and it was under the guise of a story on “getting out the youth vote”.  I’m sure she’s a lovely woman, but she’s from an organization supported by the Center for American Progress.  Everybody who knows anything about politics knows that’s practically a euphemism for liberal-left-wing advocacy politics, and many liberal-left groups are associated with it. 

CBC Newsworld anchor Nancy Wilson introduced her as nothing of the sort, though, as usual.  She said, and I quote precisely:

Nancy Wilson introduces a guest

Nancy Wilson: “There was a time in American politics when the youth vote seemed very important.  Now, it’s happening again.  Erica Williams can take us through the reasons!  She’s ‘issues campaign manager’ for Campus Progress, one group that helps young people get involved in politics, and she joins us today in Washington.”

Actually, the organization Campus Progress, with which the CBC associated Erica Williams, is a direct division of the Center for American Progress.  From their site:

Our Mission

Campus Progress, part of the Center for American Progress, works to strengthen progressive voices on college and university campuses and to empower new progressive leaders nationwide…

Golly.  No clues there.  Their mantra isn’t to “get the youth vote” out—it’s to get the liberal-left “progressive” vote out.  They admit it. It most certainly isn’t best described the way Nancy Wilson chose to pass it off, which was:  “a group that helps young people get involved in politics”.  That’s just a disgraceful bit of smoke and mirrors.  Some would call it an outright lie. It certainly isn’t the best way to inform Canadians. 

Even Wikipedia opens with that tag:  “The Center for American Progress is a liberal American political policy research and advocacy organization.”  Apparently the CBC producers don’t have the Internet on their desktops.  (Memo to Harper:  increase funding of CBC from one BILLION dollars per year to 1.0000001 BILLION dollars per year to account for a dial-up internet access account).

It goes on:

The Center for American Progress was created in 2003 as an alternative to think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute. The Center describes its mission as:

  * developing a long term vision of a liberal America,
  * providing a forum to generate new liberal ideas and policy proposals,
  * responding effectively and rapidly to conservative proposals with a thoughtful critique and clear alternatives, and
  * communicating liberal messages to the American public.


The Center has no information on its website about its funding, but the Washington Post reported that “…seed money pledged by such deep-pocketed Democrats as regular liberal financier George Soros ( and mortgage billionaires Herbert and Marion Sandler…” assisted its formation.[2]


In 2003, George Soros promised to financially support the organization by donating up to three million dollars.[5]

Maybe the CBC is so left-wing that they now think “progressive” is just normal, rather than overtly left-wing.  Maybe they think the word “Progress” in “Campus Progress” is just neutral.  Maybe I’m a liberal.  See?  This is crazy. 

One cannot even pretend to assume that the CBC does not know any of this, lack of internet access notwithstanding.  They do know all of this.  And yet, as usual, they don’t inform you of their guest “expert’s” left-wing leanings.  As I said yesterday, and in several other similar blog entries over the months and years, the CBC continues to inform Canadians by a drip-by-drip left-wing or Fabian socialist propaganda method.  All of the viewpoints offered are from left-wing or far-left-wing ideologues.  How do you think that’s going to turn out?

After that piece, even as I was typing this up, they showed a happy happy clip of liberal Democrat Hillary Clinton on a TV show down south.  No seriously—she was on a TV show.  Then a YouTube video promoting liberal Democrat Barack Obama.  YouTube.  How cool. 

Hillary was on the TV!  Seriously!  Pro-Barack Obama YouTube video

Then it was a story on how voters—Democratic Party voters—can vote in the primaries outside of the U.S.

Democrats Abroad story

Still later and while I was still typing out this now growing blog entry (I’m a very fast typer/blogger—but I’m having a very difficult time keeping up with the CBC’s overt bias… I need a staff of three or four helpers just to keep up—and this is just on the CBC…  I haven’t looked at CTV yet, nor the newspapers), they once again trotted out one of their favorite fair and balanced pairings:  A writer, Rachel Sklar from the Huffington Post, —one of the biggest and most well-known far-left wing liberal “progressive” advocacy web sites; countered by an even further left-wing blogger, Jeffrey Feldman from the hideous Daily Kos blog—one of the most left-wing blogs in all of North America.  Jeffrey Feldman was described as an “Author / Cultural Anthropologist”.  Once again that’s “Author / Cultural Anthropologist”

Here’s exactly how the CBC Newsworld anchor Suhana Meharchand introduced them:


Suhana Maherchand: [After showing a YouTube video in support of Barack Obama] “…It’s what we’re going to put to our American political panel right now.  Jeffrey Feldman is an author and cultural anthropologist, Rachel Sklar is media editor for The Huffington Post. They are both in New York.”

CBC presents fair pairing of Jeffrey Feldman from Daily Kos and Rachel Sklar from Huffington Post  CBC presents fair pairing of Jeffrey Feldman from Daily Kos and Rachel Sklar from Huffington Post

Save free Canada.  State-owned or state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.


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