Canada’s liberal media continues the Democrat embrace post-Super Tuesday

Norm Ornstein -  American Enterprise Inst -- and Huffington Post Before I begin, let me say that after yesterday’s scathing attack on the far-left state-owned, state-run CBC, I would say that they are doing marginally better today.  They had a guy on from the American Enterprise Institute today, Norm Ornstein, and they didn’t even preface it with a warning that he’s not with an overt liberal-leftist organization.  But whadayaknow, the fella they scrounged-up was so anti-Bush and negative about the state of America that it was as though he had just left the far, far-left-wing Daily Kos web site or the far-left-wing prior to the CBC interview.  He found about 94 different ways of saying that Bush has to go (direct quote: ”…Be done with George Bush!”), and that that’s all Democrats care about—oh and in fact all Americans.  (Perhaps he hasn’t heard that Bush isn’t running?) 

So as I said, the state-owned media is doing much better than yesterday. 

[UPDATE:  Sorry—just looked him up.  Here’s Norm Ornstein’s own page at the far-left-wing Huffington web site.  The CBC banner under his name just says “Norm Ornstein, American Enterprise Institute…”.  Guess the CBC didn’t feel it was necessary to tell us about that far-left anti-Bush (etc) affiliation.  Again.


As I mentioned yesterday, the National Post, which is pathologically obsessed with liberal Democrats The Great Obama and The Magnificent Clinton II, would plaster a huge photo and article featuring one or the other of them—or both of them—on the cover of their paper every single day if they could. 

They don’t let us down today.  Their cover and inside story features a yummy headline focusing on Democrats to the exclusion of the Republicans.  Inside?  Another Obamagasm.  Note that the Super Tuesday was about both Democrats and Republicans equally.  It’s so obvious looking at the National Post.
image image

The liberals’ Globe and Mail makes mention of McCain (he’s the only Republican they feel comfortable mentioning—and only when absolutely necessary—because he’s not a conservative), but shockingly, they also feature a HUGE picture of smilin’ ♥Hillary♥ for the 9,744th time this month (does anybody in Canada even know what Mitt Romney looks like? I really doubt it).  Meanwhile the Ottawa Citizen does what all of Canada’s liberal-leftist media does:  they simply forget about Republicans altogether in their headline. 
image  image

Meanwhile over at the state-owned state-run, they not only feature a luminous picture of ♥Hillary♥, but if you look carefully their YouTube video reflects the fortunes of ♥Hillary♥ and ♥Obama♥.  No Republicans. 


Here’s some more that readers sent in—there’s many many more…

The Vancouver Sun couldn’t find an even huger picture of their ♥Clintons♥?  And The Star Phoenix has a narrow focus on Democrats.
image image

Over at they don’t care about the Republican options for VP.

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