CBC guest expert du jour: radical leftist Bush-hating feminist Naomi Wolf, on… the Republicans!

image The radical far-left feminist and Bush-hating activist guest “expert” Naomi Wolf was described by the state-run CBC’s “news” anchor, Suhana Meharchand, as… a “prominent feminist”, and… an “author of a book”.  (Their banner under her leftist eminence only describes her quite simply as… a “writer”.  Once again, that’s a “writer”). 

And of course for your more full information (aside from my advisory that she’s a far-left, radical feminist and Bush-hater), here’s her page at the far-left HuffingtonPost.com blog:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/naomi-wolf 

Yes, the CBC apparently now gets all its “experts” from with this far-left blog or the even further far-left blog the Daily Kos, as I’ve pointed out several times now recently. 

The leftist motor-mouth, Mizz Wolf, rambled on and on and on at a thousand miles an hour, uninterrupted by the ever-so agreeable, appeasing (and state-employed) “news” anchor Meharchand, for painful, convoluted minutes.  (All we really heard from Meharchand apart from her fluffball couple of questions was a few agreeable giggles whenever Wolf uttered an especially egregious anti-Bush or anti-Republican finger-wag.)

Hey did you know that John McCain is “going to be beholden to the oil interests”?  I did not know that.  I thought that was a Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice thing.  Guess they’re all “beholden” to “oil” over there on the right.  As we know, all liberals and feminists have completely sworn off all oil-related products. 

Anyway, here’s the part I liked the best, in which the “news” anchor saw no need to call her guest “expert” on anything she said: 

Naomi Wolf: “…They’re [the Republicans] going to play the ‘national security’ card.  And McCain is going to play it hardest.  … People are starting to wake up to the fact that we’ve been MANIPULATED by the whole HYPED war on terror,  into believing we have to YEILD civil liberties, to gain national security.  So I think if McCain keeps beating that ‘We’re going to be in Iraq for a hundred years, we’ve gotta, you know, [snicker] I’m gonna sorta TORTURE more people’[Meharchand snickers in background] I mean he didn’t, he hasn’t had complete integrity on the torture issue as the military commissions act of 2006 and he of all people should KNOW better, he might well LOSE thoughtful women, who are starting to wake up and say you know what this is not AMERICA!  If we’re waterboarding people, this is not AMERICA! This is not what I want to SHOW MY CHILDREN if America is chaining, you know, people to GRATES and electrocuting them and suffocating them and it’s coming down the chain of command.  Let’s have a DIFFERENT America.  And that message of change ACROSS the field is really resonating so if they were wise, they would re-think that BUSH, LIKE, BEATING of this nationalistic DRUM because that alienates women, as they start to snap out of this hypnosis.”

The snappy challenge to that disgraceful lie, misinformation, and propaganda, from your trusty “news” anchor: 

“Naomi good to talk to you!  Thanks for taking the time!”

And at that, the CBC thinks Canadians have been well-informed. 




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