How the CBC gets it so totally wrong: #8,445 and 8,446 and 8,447

Warren Buffet said, yesterday to the Financial Post:

“The U.S. has dealt with worse downturns before,” he said in reference to 1982. “This is not a tough period.”

“I am a huge bull on the American economy…”

State-owned, state-run CBC Newsworld’s “news” anchor Suhana Meharchand on the U.S. economy today:

“Some disappointing results from US retailers today just seems to reinforce the GLOOMY [her emphasis] economic picture in the U.S. …”

So, you see, Warren Buffet, Suhana Meharchand… potato, potahto… wildly successful optimist, whatever. 

CBC Newsworld “news” anchor Donna McElligott“Our ‘Top Story’ today…”

… and it’s about the aftermath cleanup from the tornadoes in the southern U.S. two days ago—back on Tuesday. 

WRONG.  That’s not the top story today.  It’s not even the top story in the U.S. news today.  The top story is that Mitt Romney quit the Republican race for the presidential nomination today.  But nice try


The CBC covered the Mulroney/Schreiber clown circus and festival of stupidity, live, which despite the CBC’s yearning efforts to make it so, is a story that simply doesn’t matter in Canada or to Canada or Canadians.  It’s a ridiculous fishing expedition, a witch hunt, and a total waste of our time and money; and moreover it’s a media and opposition party-driven diversion from things that actually matter.  It’s a sham.

Obviously, they should have been covering (live) what was actually more important to Canada at that time, the speech by Republican John McCain to CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference).  It was just as boring, but far more important. 

Or spend the time explaining the importance, to Canada and Canadians, of winning the Afghanistan combat mission —which is something they’ve utterly dropped the ball on for years. 

Or just play some music. 

Or hey here’s an idea:  just go off the air.


And in a delightful bit of contradistinction, the private-citizen-owned CTV Newsnet channel, of which I’m no fan, just got through a good interview between Mike Duffy and Mark Steyn.  That issue—the liberals’ “human rights” commissions and Section 13 of the Human Rights Act and how it all relates to Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant and other great freedom-loving Canadians—is the biggest Canadian story of this decade.  You can tell, because the American media has been all over it, while this is the first time I’ve seen it covered on national television in Canada.





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