CBC purposely links Elmer MacKay to son Peter; purposely doesn’t link Stevie Cameron to CBC?

image  Earlier today the liberal-left’s state-owned CBC Newsworld division offered-up a story about the latest in what I call the Schreiber/Mulroney witch-hunt ‘n waste-of-time ‘n farcical clown festival big nanny-state liberal government sponsorship of crap (and possible new CBC series called “Little Parliamentary House Committee Built on Crapola”!) 

The news media, ever striving for accuracy and full disclosure, describes it as the Ethics Committee’s review of the Schreiber and Mulroney affair. 

imageWhile discussing the events to come later today, the gals (Newsworld anchor Marivel Taruc  and reporter Rosemary Barton) chatted about the fact that former Mulroney cabinet minister “and friend of Karlheinz Schreiber” Elmer MacKay was supposed to testify later today but won’t be because he injured himself in a fall. 

They then mentioned that Stevie Cameron would be testifying today, and indicated that she’s a “journalist and author”, who the RCMP says was also “an informant for them”, and added that “that’s something that Miss Cameron denies”. 

The gals didn’t bother to mention that Cameron was a CBC reporter and host of their “The Fifth Estate”.  In closing, however, the helpful anchor did choose to chime in with a gratuitous reminder to Canadians about the father-son link between Elmer MacKay and current cabinet minister Peter MacKay—as if it was germane to the discussion whatsoever (except in the politically tendentious, CBC is ever so full of useful political information and agenda-driving innuendo sense). 

CBC Newsworld anchor Marivel Taruc: …I understand not everybody they wanted to hear from is gunna be there. 

CBC reporter Rosemary Barton:  That’s right Elmer MacKay was slated to be here this afternoon but he had a bit of a fall so he’s not able to travel.  He of course is a FRIEND of Karlheinz Schreiber and also a former cabinet minister to Brian Mulroney. So we WILL hear from Stevie Cameron this afternoon though—a journalist and author of many books looking into these issues, um, and she also—the RCMP says—was an INFORMANT for them when they were initially looking in to the investigation of the Airbus, uh, kickback scheme.  Uh, that’s something that Miss Cameron DENIES, but I can tell you that Mulroney’s spokespeople have already put out many, many documents trying to uh have a preemptive strike if you will against whatever Miss Cameron may testify this afternoon. 

CBC Newsworld anchor Marivel Taruc: Alright and Elmer MacKay of course people will know is the father of CURRENT cabinet minister Peter MacKay too!

CBC reporter Rosemary Barton:  Indeed.  Yup.

CBC Newsworld anchor Marivel Taruc: Alright Rosemary thank you!  CBC’s Rosemary Barton.

So we’re clear.  Former Mulroney cabinet minister Elmer MacKay —a “friend of Schreiber”— is current Harper cabinet minister Peter MacKay’s dad; and Rosemary Barton is “CBC’s Rosemary Barton”.  But Stevie Cameron is but a “journalist and author of many books”. 

Stevie Cameron, aside from being a CBC reporter or host, was also the author of “On the Take: Crime, Corruption and Greed in the Mulroney Years”

Former National Post Columnist Andrew Coyne (now at Maclean’s) wrote in his blog:

According to RCMP affidavits, the informant whose name they were protecting refused to testify “unless it was for the purpose of the prosecution of Brian Mulroney.” 

Andrew Coyne on Stevie Cameron

Later (about 11:10 AM PST), in an interview between the CBC Newsworld “Politics” anchor Don Newman and CBC reporter Rosemary Barton, the reporter once again referred to Cameron only as a “journalist and author”.  Newman chose not to help us out by reminding us that she was a CBC reporter or host.  “The spin stops” there, mmmyou see. 

Later still (12:01 PM PST) new Newsworld anchor David Gray similarly indicated that Stevie Cameron is but a “journalist and author…”. 

Apparently the CBC has made a decision to pretend she was never a CBC reporter or host. But as long as you know about that ostensibly nefarious (?) MacKay link, we’re all set.

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