Liberals’ media (just in case there’s an election coming up): “HIDDEN AGENDA! HIDDEN AGENDA!”

The year-long House committee tea party and chit-chat festival (it’s dominated by liberals, thus it’s been a year long; and my guess is that it has been mostly like an Oprah chit-chat, every day, complete with coffee, tea, donuts, and buns and women clapping every time they hear something maternal or nanny-state-like; and with a couple of those nanny-state big-socialist government symbol not unlike the Communist Party symbol  logos hanging here and there) regarding the future of the state-owned, state-run liberal-leftist’s CBC —is about to wrap up. 

Oh my.  I can’t stand the wait.  How will this turn out?  Golly. 

And what with all that talk about an election in the air, that means that the liberal-left’s media must (MUST, I tell you! …  it’s in their media guidebook!) bring up their favorite phrase.  You know it, you love it, it’s become the laugh-line of the decade amongst those of us who aren’t totally stupid.  Let’s say it together now, shall we? 


CBC supporters have long suspected that the Harper government has a hidden agenda that would radically reduce the taxpayer contribution to CBC—currently at around $1.1 billion—which it will move rapidly to implement when and if they form a majority government.

Among the scenarios most feared by CBC supporters are a stripped-down CBC TV forced to compete regionally and nationally with little or no financial support from government.

Ian Morrison, spokesman for the watchdog group Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, says Heritage committee deliberations are being watched closely by the Prime Minister’s Office and a Conservative minority report would be written at the direction of those close to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

“It would tend to substantiate concerns that there is a hidden agenda for public broadcasting,” he said.

The story was written by Chris Cobb, and published in the Ottawa Citizen among other Canwest News Service papers today.  Apparently the editor at that paper and others in their chain think there are lots of really stupid people amongst their readership and in this country generally.  Go team.  (I think it’s actually only about 25% of their readership.)

Here’s a list of Canwest News Services papers:

  *  National Post
  * Victoria Times Colonist
  * The Province (Vancouver)
  * Vancouver Sun
  * Edmonton Journal
  * Calgary Herald
  * Regina Leader-Post
  * Saskatoon StarPhoenix
  * Windsor Star
  * Ottawa Citizen
  * The Gazette (Montreal)
  * DOSE
  * Vancouver Island Newspapers
  * VANNET Newspapers


  * Global TV network

Don’t worry, the mainstream media division of Canada’s liberal-left does not have a hidden agenda.  No no.  Don’t be silly. 

And Layton’s you’ve got to be kidding party, which loves the socialist CBC division, doesn’t have one either, notwithstanding their own party’s constitutional dictate that they seek an end to the capitalist system as we know it in this country, and replace it with a global socialist order.  So, you know, never mind. 

And thanks to emailers—and I note that several sent this to me, which is an EXTREMELY good sign.  It means more and more people are watching out and spotting the abject liberal-left mainstream media bias, and the various editorial devices they use as part of their bias and hidden agenda. 

And sorry liberals, but I’m a real party wrecker.  You didn’t need a year-long Parliamentary committee to figure out what to do.  Naturally, as those of us in the smart set already know, inasmuch as Canada is supposed to be a free country, state-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that should be enshrined in our country’s constitution. 

And as an actual conservative, who believes in freedom, including free market capitalism, and who questions what kind of government would compete against its own citizens in business for profits and wages (or anything else), I would announce a campaign promise to ban the CBC.  And I’d get elected by the 75%. 


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