Avi Lewis, who sounds very much like a Communist to me, quits CBC, joins….

image …CTV?  No.
Global TV?  No.
CNN?  No.
NBC News?  No.
ABC News? No.
CBS News?  No.
New York Times? No.
Toronto Star?  No. 
Fox News Channel?  Oh my.  Despite my persistent flu, my innate comedy, why she makes my tummy hurt with the laughter.  (And: no.)

The CBC’s now former mouthpiece Avi Lewis, whose left and far-left wing Canadian lineage I famously described here, is joining the anti-American, anti-Western culture nutwork …Al Jazeera.  [National Post article]

imageThis could thus be seen as a horizontal move.  The apparently anti-American, leftist mouthpiece can be expected to regurgitate much the same anti-American material, just from a slightly different network.  (Mercifully, Al Jazeera isn’t broadcast in Canada, though they have been authorized to.) 

More organic Canadian humor cannot be found.  This is a gem.  Actually, it’s a joke that has been told before by me.  I blogged about another CBC “reporter” who left that network and made the horizontal move to…. Al Jazeera back in May 2006. 

I blogged about Lewis after an edition of another one of his failed CBC shows, “On the Map” (the map apparently referring to a region on Pluto), in which he interviewed the heroic Hirsi Ali.  The quiet, elegant Ali made an even bigger ass out of the evidently America-hating Lewis than I thought humanly possible.  In the interview, Lewis is persistent in his use of America-hating rhetoric, the degree to which is really quite astonishing, until you remember that you’re watching the state-owned, state-run CBC.  [Read my blog entry from back then.


Watch the YouTube video of the segment (it’s plain astonishing).]

The picture of Lewis at above right is captioned “The Root Of All Evil”, but inasmuch as it’s somewhat appropriate, it’s actually the CBC’s own somewhat ironic graphic, and it actually refers to a show he hosted on the state-owned, state-run media, about Christianity.  Thus, you see, the title “The Root Of All Evil”.  God love ‘em at the rabidly secular-progressive CBC. 

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(from Prager’s fantastic radio show)
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