Bush didn’t say “nucular” so here’s what he said

I watched as straight-talking President Bush formally endorsed the new nominee for the Republican Party, John McCain, today.  This segment of the follow-up question/answer caught my ear.  It exemplifies President Bush’s easy-talking eloquence when it comes to cutting through the craptalk perpetrated by the left and the left’s media. 

Unfortunately for the liberal media, Bush never said “nucular” today, and he sounded as good as he usually does, so naturally they won’t be playing this segment over and over and over and over in their “news” shows and online podcasts. 

Washington Post Reporter Michael Abramowitz:  The voters according to all of of the exit polls seem to be thirsting for “change” this year.  And I’d like to ask both of you how the Republican Party, uh, which has been here for eight years, is gunna make the case that, uh, you’re gunna provide the change that the voters seem to want both on Iraq and on, uh, the economy. 

President Bush:  Let me start off by saying that in 2000, I said “Vote for me, I’m an agent of change”.  In 2004, I said “I’m not interested in change!… I want to continue as President.”  EVERY candidate has got to say “change”.  That’s what the American people expect!  The good news about our candidate is there’ll be a new president, a man of character and courage, but he’s NOT going to change when it comes to taking on the enemy.  He understands that this is a dangerous world.  And I understand we better have steadfast leadership, who’s got the courage and determination to pursue this enemy, so as to protect America.  John McCain will find out when he takes the oath of office, his most important responsibility is to protect the American people from harm.  And there’s still an enemy that lurks—an enemy that wants to strike us.  And this country better have someone in that Oval Office who understands the stakes.  And John McCain understands those stakes.

Their next story was NOT another one about Obama’s message of “change” and “hope” and “unity” and Iraq surrender. 

And here’s the state-owned, state-run CBC Newsworld anchor Andrew Nichols as he recaps the Bush endorsement following that news conference, in which he appears (as almost all liberal-left media-types do) to be much amused and snickering or sneering as he reads some Bush quotes, without of course mentioning that above-noted part which was of course the best part:

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