CBC casts Obama’s NAFTA problem as Harper’s “NAFTAGATE”

The state-owned, state-run CBC Newsworld (channel 390 on my Star Choice satellite TV dial, with other CBC channels occupying approximately 300 of the rest), has apparently joined the liberal-left in Canada and decided to go ahead and cast the Harper Conservative government as the villains, and obfuscate the root story.  Apparently some low-level diplomat finking out on allegedly deceptive, lying liberal-left politicians like Barack Hussein Obama, who are running for President of the United States, is worse than politicians lying and deceiving the public in order to sucker people into voting for you. 

And rather than use the term “so-called” on front of it, as the CBC does when discussing the supposedly phantom war on terror (the CBC news anchor Nancy Wilson routinely calls it “the so-called war on terror” in her newscasts as others at the CBC likely do), they decided to go ahead and just call it what Hillary Clinton’s campaign calls it:  “NAFTAGATE”

imageI took a couple of screen-captures today of the CBC’s Politics show starring Don Newman, who fancies (and advertises nationally) his show as the show (which just like Fox News Channel’s O’Reilly Factor from whom they must have borrowed it) where, and I quote, “The Spin Stops Here!”.  Once again that’s “The Spin Stops Here!”

Therefore Newman and guest are seen over the spin-free banner reading “NAFTAGATE”—all in capital letters as you can see at left.  I call this editorial device “STATE-OWNED, LIBERAL-LEFTIST BIASED MEDIA SPINGATE but since I’m not on national TV, and I’m conservative, nobody will care much. 

Their discussion focussed on the diplomatic row rather than Obama’s alleged malfeasance.  From the CBC’s strident, tortured, stupid perspective, it’s not Obama who is in trouble—it’s not his “NAFTAGATE”, it’s Harper and his Conservative government’s.  Thus the “NAFTAGATE” moniker is, it is implied, about a Harper government-related foul-up or indiscretion, rather than it being Obama’s.

It’s obfuscation the likes of which we haven’t see since yesterday when the you’ve got to be kidding party’s Jack Layton stood up in the House and accused the Harper government of “meddling” in the US election.  Oh wait: yesterday, the CBC’s take was that it was…. “meddling” in the U.S. election!

Even the liberals’ Globe and Mail, in an otherwise hideously biased article yesterday, accurately cast the term more properly:  “Hillary Clinton — Mr. Obama’s current rival — calls the affair ‘NAFTAGATE’ and is hoping to use doubts about her opponent’s sincerity to win the crucial primary.” 

Got that, CBC?  Hillary Clinton calls it that—for political purposes during an election campaign.  (Yes of course they get it.  That’s the whole point.) 



Newman discussed it again later in the big Politics show with his stellar fair and balanced (CBC-style!) panel of political experts: representing the left-wing we have a Mr. Lessard, who hails from the left-wing, state-owned, state-run CBC radio division; and from the far-left we have a Mr. Travers from the liberals’ far-left Toronto Star newspaper.  Thus, from the typical liberal-left Canadian media perspective, it’s properly “balanced”.  (Actually, just which one of those two is more left-wing is debatable, but since only leftists would be allowed to debate it on the CBC, I suggest you decide without the state’s CBC help, if that’s still remotely possible). 

The three gals chatted about it —which is to say the Harper culpability, not Obama’s— over that same CBC banner “NAFTAGATE”, for endless minutes, none of them making the least bit of sense as far as I could tell, but all of them agreeing with each other nonetheless.

Now at least we know that if we have to stop our heads from spinning as we try to follow their spinning blather, we should hold on to something while watching the Politics show starring the spinny Don Newman. 

Or better yet, just avoid it and that channel altogether, and keep your head screwed on straight. 

And here’s my spin-free mantra:  State-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that should be enshrined in our constitution.

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