CBC news anchor suggests Obama-Clinton ticket “too radical”; “too much for voters”.

While we’re on the topic of that “Dream Ticket”, or “Dream Team” that the liberals’ media was on about all day (until Democrat Governor Spitzer spoiled their fun, for at least a couple of hours), Donna Brazile, Rush lambaster, on CNN much was being made (amongst liberals and their media) about a favorite target, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, who dared suggest on his radio show on Wednesday March 5 that an Obama-Clinton ticket would be impossible and wouldn’t work. 

Small example of the liberal outrage from CNN.com:


“Let’s say it is Obama and Hillary…Let’s put Hillary at the top — That’s a position she’s familiar with,” Limbaugh said on his radio show Thursday. “Therefore, you’ve got a woman and a black for the first time ever on the Democrat ticket. Ahem. They don’t have a prayer.”

Donna Brazile, Al Gores former presidential campaign manager, called the comments “un-American.”

“I’m an American. And I’m proud to be an American,” Brazile said on CNN’s The Situation Room Wednesday. “But I think that comment is, as far as I can tell, a very un-American conversation, because African-Americans and women fight for this country. We have died for this country.”


Even today on his show he was still trying to keep up with all the hysterical liberal outrage and made-up reasons for indignation. 

“The reaction is that I made a racial statement, that I made a racist and sexist statement.  That’s what the sound bites are all about. … Ms. Brazile, I didn’t say one thing that you have attributed to me.  I didn’t say one thing about a black not being qualified to be commander-in-chief.  I’ve been one of the early defenders of Barack Obama, by the way, Ms. Brazile, when your side was out there trashing him, as a ‘Magic Negro,’ as not black enough, as not down for the struggle. …  I made no comment about race or sexism whatsoever.  I just pointed out that you have here a black, woman—Hillary on the top, Obama on top, doesn’t matter—this ticket has no prayer. And look at the defensiveness! Why, all of a sudden, I was sexist. All of a sudden, I am a racist.  I have somehow suggested this.  …”

(And there’s tons of further explanation on his site, as if it’s actually necessary…)

CBC's Wilson with Dem consultant Dane Strother
But all the feigned outrage is one of the reason it surprised me a little when I heard state-run, state-owned CBC Newsworld anchor Nancy Wilson chatting with a Democratic consultant about what all the liberal media is calling the “Dream Ticket” today, and when they agreed, after Wilson suggested it, that such a ticket would be “too radical”, and “too much for the voters”. 

CBC’s Nancy Wilson:  …Given that there is no decisive outcome so far, how seriously is this possibility of an Obama-Clinton—or Clinton-Obama ticket—right now?

Dem consultant Dane Strother:  I can’t imagine that being the case quite honestly.  Uh, look I’m very proud of my party, I’m a Democratic consultant and very proud of my party that we’re gonna break, we’re gonna make history either way—we’re gonna have an African-American nominee or a woman nominee.  Uh, but I’ve gotta tell you that I’m not so certain America is ready yet for a ticket that doesn’t have some white guy on it somewhere.  Uh, for better or for worse. 

CBC’s Nancy Wilson:  So you think it just may be too radical.  It’s it’s it’s history shattering on two fronts, and that just might be too much for the voters

Dem consultant Dane Strother:  It may be too much, ‘a’, but ‘b’, I’m not so sure these two people really like each other anymore.  Uh you know we, we you you watch ‘em turn away from each other whenever they can, uh, and no one can agree who’s gonna be the top of the ticket—no matter who’s at the top of the ticket the other one believes they should be, uh, I think this is more parlor games than reality.  […]

Golly!  Where do us “white guys” go to light our hair on fire? 


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