Eliot Spitzer still a Democrat; media still ignores that fact. Still not called “SpitzerGate” by CBC

I’ve got a message for the media:  it’s not going to go away.  He’s always going to be a Democrat.  And the fact that you’re covering up the inconvenient truth, well, is going to be indelibly stamped on your reputations.  Editors, publishers, reporters:  enjoy sleeping in the bed you made. (And make sure you’re not sharing it with your hooker!) 

I just wonder what else it will take for Canadians and Americans to wake up and admit to themselves that they are being led around and told what to think, and how and who to believe, by a bunch of deceitful liberal-left agenda-drivers who call themselves “journalists”. image And to then demand better.  Should you accept a state-owned, state-run media writing up a huge story about this Governor Spitzer scandal without every once mentioning that he’s a liberal Democrat? (Before changing their story hours later and adding it—see my original blog entry).

Emails continue to come in today giving me more examples of the liberal-left media deceit and perfidy, which the media exemplified themselves by not mentioning that inconvenient truth about Democrat Eliot Spitzer being a Democrat. This makes my job of proving their absolute left-wing, anti-conservative bias and perfidy and dishonesty easy.  So thanks, media. 

I’ve noticed today that the online mainstream media has also taken to changing their stories after they were “published” online—as if they were blogs instead of newspapers—of course without the annoying “update” notation that bloggers usually use indicating that the blogger changed their blog entry.  CBC.ca did it, as I noted and demonstrated in my main blog entry yesterday, and the Globe and Mail managed to add “Democrat” to one story March 10, 2008 at 5:43 PM EDT, while when adding a second story later (March 10, 2008 at 9:31 PM EDT), failed to mention that he was a Democrat even once.  I suppose they’ll change that “blog entry” too.  (Thanks to Maureen for that tip).

Meanwhile, some media outlets are facing facts and admitting what must be a terribly inconvenient truth for them: 

National Post front page today:

Some of the interesting spins and twists and contortions I’ve read and heard from liberal apologists in and out of the media: 

Well I don’t know what the big deal is—in any other country if a guy was caught with a hooker why they’d make no big deal out of it… (yadda).  Their default position here seems to be that prostitution isn’t a bad thing (suddenly, starting now), and people should just get used to it and accept it as a fine, normal thing, and not hold it against anybody (starting today).  Suggestion to these folks:  Go ahead and visit a prostitute, then go home and tell your wife and kids all about how it’s no biggy, then report back to me and I’ll write it up here. 

Well you see the thing that makes even Democrats mad is the “hypocrisy” of the thing, because Spitzer had campaigned on a platform of cleaning up the unethical behavior and… (yadda).  The people decrying all the “hypocrisy” may not even know what party Spitzer belonged to, so I’m not sure they’re really learning all there is to learn about this scandal.  These people fail to see any hypocrisy in the media because they don’t even know there is any.  And the media, which they rely on to be fully informed, isn’t going to tell you that they are themselves among the hypocrites. 

The liberals’ Montreal Gazette, Tuesday March 11.  Story fails to mention Democrat even once.

The liberals’ Province newspaper fails to mention Democrat even once, today, March 11, 2008.

See yesterday’s blog entry for more.

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