CBC’s Henry Champ says “authentithicated”. Not a moron.

The state-owned, state-run CBC Newsworld's man in Washington, Henry Champ  The state-owned, state-run CBC Newsworld’s man in Washington, Henry Champ, said “authentithicated” a few moments ago.  I imagine this is a new way of saying “authenticated”. 

By way of reminder, the liberals’ media went totally ape-poop, and set their hair on fire, then used it as grist for their massive anti-George W. Bush mill, and found it to be another convenient way of exemplifying the myriad ways in which President Bush is a “moron”, when the President said “nucular” instead of the more proper “nuclear”  —you know, the way all liberals say it— several years ago. 

National Post columnist George Jonas brought it up just a few weeks ago as a way of reminding us that Americans and conservatives are idiots.  He wrote:  “Forget Mike Huckabee, despite Iowa. Even Americans won’t send someone to the White House who says “irregardless” without blinking. (Yes, I know they put up with George W. talking about North Korea’s nukular ambitions, but it’s not the same thing.)”

Here’s the state’s man in Washington, Henry Champ, just moments ago: 

…Bill Clinton and his various, uh, difficulties with, uh, members of the opposite sex, he at least had built up a strong relationship with members of his own party. He was able to use the argument, ‘Well see the Republicans are after me, they’re trying to prevent the Democrats from moving forward.  This is all a big plot, blah blah blah.’  And it worked for him, it managed—even though these peccadilloes were pretty much, uh public, and pretty much, uh authen, authen ti authiteh authen-tith-icated, if I’m saying that word right, and I’m not, nonetheless, he managed to stay on the job…


And he’s right.  President George W. Bush was closer to being pushed out of the job for saying “nucular”.

I also note that Mr. Champ clearly made the common mistake of mispronouncing “peccadilloes”, pronouncing it pick-a-delloes, reversing the i and the e.  And by the way, “peccadilloes”, the word Mr. Champ chose to describe President Clinton’s behavior, means “petty misdeeds”.  Again that’s “petty misdeeds”

Wow.  That’s weird.  I thought what he did was “high crimes and misdemeanors”.  President Clinton was impeached by the U.S. Congress for “petty misdeeds”?  Huh.  Apparently that’s what the kids (and the liberal media) are calling having sex with young female underlings in the White House as a married President of the United States, then lying about it under oath, and lying to the media repeatedly… when the criminal is a liberal.

Anyway, the point is, absolutely nothing, and I’ll keep reminding you of this.

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