CBC “Politics” “spin stops here” zone: Conservative rep – 140 seconds; Opposition – 314 seconds.

As always, the liberals’ state-owned, state-run CBC Newsworld “Politics” show invites a representative from the you’ve got to be kidding party to tout their little socialist message at every possible opportunity.  This charade takes place every day on Canadian news media because of a rule that nobody in Canada knows much about.  The rule is that the liberal-left media has decided to prop up the NDP.  I suspect this is because most media folks tend to be socialists.  And they don’t care what you or I think.  They simply feel compelled to push their leftist agenda, and you—and their bosses—have all given them license to do so.

That means (a) we have to be subjected to that far-left blather and time-wasting socialist talk every time we try to simply get the news and reasonably sober political viewpoints; and (b) the time and space has to be strictly managed on both the state-run media and on CTV and other media as well—in order to image allow the you’ve got to be kidding party equal time—equal to all the other parties mind you, regardless of the fact that only a relative few thinking people vote for that leftist, union-owned, media-sponsored group of abject socialists.  It’s one of the rules.  The media makes the rules. You let them. It’s another one of those “Canadian Values” that they made up for us. 

So today when the “Politics” show host (and sporty referee) Don Newman had his panel of parliamentarians on to discuss a matter before the House, he was forced—by far-left “equal outcomes” egalitarian necessity just exactly like that which the NDP espouses—to cut the Conservative government representative off, mid-sentence, so as to allow time for the left —but also the nutty far left—to waste my time and yours and blather on and on and convince Canadians to think and vote socialist.

Since the host Don Newman twice cut off the Conservative citing time constraints and his job as “time manager”, it was like an invitation for me to put a stopwatch to it, which I did.

The segment in question today was introduced on the state-owned CBC “Politics” show with a clip of Liberal MP Dan McTeague defending his Bill to the fawning media in a scrum.  That clip lasted 36 seconds

Nicely set-up (uninterrupted), the NDP-supporting Mr. Newman turned to his NDP-including panel and asked the Conservative government spokesman, Peter Van Loan, a question, and allowed him 89 seconds to answer.  But Mr. Newman interrupted him starting at about 10 seconds before Van Loan was finished, with this (over Van Loan’s talking):

“OK, OK so, well, well, alright, Pe… Peter, Peter… take a breath

[Joel says: nice!]

, I’ve gotta, I, I’ve gotta manage the time let me find out what Marlene thinks they’re gonna do, then you’ll know!  Marlene Jennings…”

So Van Loan’s last 10 seconds was a little hard to understand. 

Don Newman issues a time chop At left is egalitarian host Mr. Newman as he chops off Conservative Peter Van Loan, with a crisp hand-chopping motion, citing time management issues.

Then he let the Liberal MP Marlene Jennings talk for 112 seconds, before she finally ran out of hot air.  112 seconds—compared to Van Loan’s 89 seconds.  So much for that strict “time management” thing. 

Then for a total waste of my time and yours, it was off to socialist loonyland, starring far-leftist NDP heavyweight Libby Davies (who sounds very much like a communist to me).  She spoke for 86 seconds—just about the same as the Conservative government representative who got 89 seconds.  That’s fair to the CBC.  All Conservatives must be rebutted by at least two leftist opposition folks, each of whom gets as much time as they need to finally make a point, which they hardly ever actually do, as in this case.

Luckily, there was no representative from the Bloc Quebecois or the Green Party or any other left-wing party, or we’d be here all day, and the stopwatches would blow up. 

Then it was another question for the Conservative government rep.  Mr. Van Loan was allowed to talk for 51 seconds before Mr. Stopwatch interrupted him (that again started about 10 seconds before he’d finished his sentence), with this (over Van Loan’s talking):

“OK… OK… OK.. OK I, Peter …Pe… Pe… Peter I always like to have you on the program—I always cut you off because you have so much to say but I’m getting really tough on time now, I wanna go to Libby on this because Libby, it seems….”

Mr. “Getting Tough on Time” then allowed the NDP’s Libby Davies speak for 66 seconds, which is odd because Conservative Van Loan only spoke for 51 seconds before the ref had to start getting “really tough on time”. 

And of course then it was once again time for the Liberal to talk again, this time for a mere 40 seconds, but then whadoyaknow, there was no more time left at all.  (Other rule:  Liberals must always get the last word.  Mission accomplished.)


• Conservative government representative:  140 seconds (about 20 seconds of which was time spent being cut off by the time manager, fairness, and equal outcomes guru).

• Non-Conservative government opposition parties: (Liberal=188 + NDP=126): 314 seconds

As I’ve explained before, the you’ve got to be kidding party— or what the NDP and their media call “the NDP” (with the N standing for “New” notwithstanding their saying nothing new in at least 560 years)— exists only because the liberal-left media props them up.  The NDP is kept on life-support and is propped-up by virtue of the supportive media alone.  With their enormous support, a few souls in Canada still vote for that party—a party which has contributed nothing positive in the country—only negativity and class warfare, and which has never made any popular headway even after decades in existence.  Fourth parties are in fact making more headway.  No matter.  It’s a rule.


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