CBC’s news anchor Nancy Wilson mischaracterizes story, as I see it

image Just now, CBC Newsworld news anchor Nancy Wilson teased an upcoming Spitzer-story-related interview with these words:

“Still ahead, why one woman stood by her man initially.  We’ll talk with the former wife of an American politician who decided to tell the world he was gay —that’s when CBC News continues.”

But that wasn’t the real crux of the story at all. 

I knew what story she was teasing, instantly.  I remember the news coverage from back then, which, much like Wilson’s characterization of it in her tease, was similarly cast by the media and liberals generally as a “gay” issue.  The actual story is that the married man—a politician—an elected leader—a Governor—was caught having an extramarital affair—yes with a gay man—and because of the extramarital affair and an alleged associated extortion attempt by his “lover”, he felt he had to resign.  His homosexuality had nearly nothing to do with it, except that it was perhaps more titillating to the erstwhile ever-so-tolerant and non-judgmental liberal media who supposedly don’t care if folks are gay or straight.

And even as Wilson’s interview started you could see where the big CBC banner underscored what the story was really about. “WHAT THE WIFE ENDURES”.  Not “MAN TELLS WORLD HE IS GAY”. 

And of course the subsequent interview between Wilson and the wife didn’t focus on his homosexuality, either.

The CBC interview was about political wives and why they stand by their men after nasty revaluations come to light, as we’ve seen in many instances.  Like in Hillary Clinton’s case in which Democratic President Bill Clinton was caught in a revolting sex and lies affair, which the media thought we might finally have forgotten until this other Democrat, Spitzer (a Hillary campaign supporter), reminded us of that again. 

Was this a convenient time to, as many in the liberal media did when that McGreevey story initially broke, add to that story and try to portray the story as one in which just because the guy is gay, he had to resign?  And to suggest that that, you see, this is just how “un-progressive” and “intolerant” and “homophobic” our world is? And, hint, Vote liberal to remedy that?  That suggestion is now and was then total bull.

A New York Sun article at the time:

…Mr. McGreevey, a former mayor of Woodbridge, said he would resign because the affair and his sexuality leaves the governor’s office “vulnerable to rumors, false allegations, and threats of disclosure.”

“It makes little difference, as governor, that I am gay,” Mr. McGreevey said. “Given the circumstances surrounding the affair and its likely impact on my family and my ability to govern, I have decided the right course of action is to resign…”

But Wilson knows better:  “We’ll talk with the former wife of an American politician who decided to tell the world he was gay .”

By the way the “American politician” Wilson mentioned in her tease is a Democratic Party politician.  No mention of that naturally, because, you know, it’s not about politics, no no no. 

Wilson might have been more accurate to highlight the DEMOCRATIC PARTY angle on these stories (which the media hides) instead of this “gay” angle. 


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