CBC talks to the oil.

Canada’s state-owned media news anchor Nancy (“very interesting!”) Wilson, a few minutes ago:

”…Oil has sliced through 110 with no effort at all!” 

How does the all-knowing CBC Newsworld news anchor know what kind of “effort” oil must personally have exerted in order to push through a certain market price?  Does she regularly chat with oil?  Did she conduct an interview with a pint of oil (a pint is like a half a litre for you liberals, and by the way, there’s 248 pints or 117.347765 litres in a barrel of oil in case that helps avoid hurt feelings).  Is she gettin’ tête-à-tête with the slimy commodities on taxpayers’ dime?

Weird.  And almost like she’s rooting for a rise in the price.

This statement was made when news anchor Nancy Wilson was introducing the CBC Newsworld’s oxymoronic “YOUR BUSINESS” segment, on the socialism-reliant, state-owned, state-funded, state-run left-wing network (so you know they have your free-market capitalist business interests at heart!).

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