CBC “blog” panel expert suggests Spitzer should have lied about legal charges. Like Conservatives!

Here is an “online panel blog” discussion between some state employees (Sarah, Pauline, and Nik—see below for explanation of the “online panel blog”), at the multi-gazillion-dollar state-owned, state-run CBC.ca web site last week, which remains today:

Online Panel Blog

Where is our Barack Obama?
Thursday, March 13, 2008 | 10:57 PM ET

Pauline: Hi Nik and Sarah,

Talking once a week like this has the advantage of creating perspective. The Cadman affair and NAFTA-gate are fading quickly in the “hot news” coverage, while the tawdry Spitzer story out of New York dominated even the Canadian media over the last few days.

Despite the Canadian fascination with the story, I cannot imagine such a political sex scandal happening in Canada.

Not because our call girls would be less expensive (I have no knowledge of that market). And not because it is hard to imagine our leading politicians as sex addicts (even though it is).

But simply because I think that attitudes towards sexual transgression are less judgmental in Canada — certainly in Quebec — than in the U.S.

Am I wrong, Nik? How do these things play in B.C., Sarah?

Sarah: Well, as I’m sure you know, anything goes in B.C. This province is basically one large swingers’ club!

I think, though, that while Canadians might be less judgemental, we would still pounce upon an opportunity such as this to grill and humiliate a politician who has built a reputation on being a solid moral citizen. It is just too tempting.

I do think that Spitzer might have done better had he played the pity card. This worked well in B.C. when, after getting arrested for drunk driving, premier Gordon Campbell cried, “But I have a disease!”

After that the media was putty in his hands. They commended him for his humility. Or perhaps Spitzer should have used the Conservative tactic, deny, deny deny.

Assuming we believe the allegations against Spitzer to be credible, the pretend political expert and strategist and pretend legal strategist and (actual) CBC employee Sarah Albertson thinks Eliot Spitzer should have lied by denying the facts?  Like impeached President Bill Clinton lied and was then impeached for lying?  Excellent advise, Sarah!  Excellent. 

Thanks CBC!  Duly recorded!

P.S. As they mentioned in their own description of themselves, comments are of course welcomed at the state-run “Online Panel Blog”.  And as if you needed confirmation, yes, one CBC reader/commenter went ahead and wrote in to inform us that Justin Trudeau would of course be “Canada’s Obama”.  Yes, they were serious, and yes, they praised both of those fabuloids.

There’s a second part to this blog entry, which delves deeper into who the “panelists” are:
“The state and its CBC finally provides Canada and its citizens with a politics blog.”

(Hat tip to Lorna for pointing out this “blog” at the CBC.)

State-owned, state-run media should be banned in this country, and that should be enshrined in our constitution. 


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