CBC continues to promote “Road to White House” as Hillary/Obama-only race

As I wrote on March 18, the state-owned CBC is promoting “The Road to the White House” as one which includes only Democrats

Seems it’s inevitable—or oh so very hopeful—to them that a Democrat will ultimately win the Presidency and the White House (current polls, facts, inconvenient truths notwithstanding  —and see inconvenient update below). 

I wrote:

CBC Newsworld is running an ad for itself and its “The Road To Washington” coverage. 

Apparently the “Road To Washington” will include only Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama this year, as Republicans do not have a fella in the race this time round.


As Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama go to the wire in the most hotly contested presidential race in decades!  Stay tuned to CBC Newsworld for the latest, as U.S. voters decide: who will take the ultimate political prize.  “The Road To Washington”—on CBC Newsworld!

It’s a “presidential race”, not just a Democratic Party race, and “U.S. voters”—not just Democrats—will decide?  I wonder if voters can write in the name of a Republican!

I heard that exact same ad today and yesterday. 

Inconvenient update:

Tracking polls for past two days:

John McCain vs. Hillary Clinton – Date 03/27/08
McCain 51% – Clinton 41%

John McCain vs. Barack Obama – Date 03/27/08
McCain 51% – Obama 41%

John McCain vs. Hillary Clinton – 03/26/08
McCain 50% – Clinton 43%

John McCain vs. Barack Obama – 03/26/08
McCain 51% – Obama 41%


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