Hey CBC: now that CBC broadcast “Obama Goes To Africa”, how about THIS video… free!

There are a couple of differences between the state-owned CBC’s big and ever-so timely Easter weekend presentation of “OBAMA GOES TO AFRICA” (here’s a passionate link!) and the one below that I’m suggesting you play one day. 

The CBC’s taxpayer-paid liberal-left infomercial on Obama (on the “Newsworld” channel no less!) was totally stupid, boring, and a massive and really rather embarrassing suck-up to Democratic Party presidential candidate, the liberal Barack Obama (even if the CBC.ca web site does describe it as “a timely and poignant documentary”; and it cost Canadian taxpayers a bundle of their own cash to present, even though I’m guessing hardly anyone watched, it being on the CBC and all. 

On the other hand, you CBC information providers, this video I’m suggesting below features Republican John McCain —hello?  Hellllo-oh!  I lost ya already, huh?  Well come on now, CBC folks, try to keep an open mind and lose the agenda for just a sec.  It’s by John McCain’s very cute and very, “like”, normal daughter—yes, normal despite that whole “conservative” thing!  And it portrays both her and her dad—a Republican!—doing things that are almost, like, human.  Drinking beer, having a BBQ, and not being homophobic hardly at all! 

Of course this one is far better, and produced by normal private folks rather than taxpayer-paid bureaucrats and liberal elites and “journalists”, so it’s actually good.  But besides all that… let’s call this one “McCain Goes to America!”

No, I know, I know, CBC, the video footage doesn’t include anything that features that fabulous Chelsea Clinton, as is apparently a rule in your media guide book.  Do try to get past that. 

Check out Meghan McCain’s blog called McCainBlogette.com.  It’s very cute and has several excellent videos by Meghan, which I’m sure if the CBC asked, they could broadcast on their multiple, nation-wide, taxpayer-funded TV stations much like they broadcast a huge feature presentation this past weekend (on their “Passionate Eye” program!) called “OBAMA GOES TO AFRICA”  (Here’s a passionate link!),  for free! 

That’s what you call value —no, not a “Canadian Value” by your definition (abortion isn’t featured as a good value in Meghan’s videos!) —no no what I mean is that it’s value for the money.  Oh I can’t explain that concept to you right now but jot it down and maybe one day we can get back to that concept.   

Oh oh and plus, Canadians would learn more by visiting McCainBlogette.com than by watching CBC, or CBC Newsworld, or visiting that CBC.ca taxpayer-funded monstrosity, and its “Passionate Eye” pages.  So it’s different that way too. 


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