It’s an arts tragedy! Why it’s like Bush and the U.S. constitution! And it’s a PTBC MOONBAT AWARD!

You thought I was prone to excessive exaggeration in my writing? 

No no.  I’m downright taciturn compared to the taxpayer-paid artists and musicians of Canada when their nanny-state takes away one of their 87,000 taxpayer-funded delectations.

Yesterday’s article in the liberals’ Vancouver Sun was one of the funniest media articles I’ve read in at least a day. The headline:

“CBC Radio Orchestra axed”

Who knew the state-owned, state-run media had a “radio orchestra”?  Nobody.  No. Bod. Y. 

But as long as it only cost over a half a mill per year of taxpayer cash and nobody knew about it, who cares if it did —am I right, liberals? 

Colin Miles, head of the Canadian Music Centre, said the orchestra does only eight concerts a year, but that’s, um, irrelevant. “If they’re costing so little, why get rid of it when it’s a national treasure?”

It’s a what now?  A “national treasure”?  Come again?  Maybe he meant that expenditures like this are depleting our nation of its national treasure

If they’re a “national treasure”, so am I.  Or at least I’d have a shot at it if, like the state-owned, state-run CBC media behemoth with its myriad divisions and “radio orchestras” and other such oh-so valuable unknown entities, I got a BILLION dollars in taxpayer funding, or even “just” the $600,000 per year that this ridiculous little waste of taxpayer cash got.  And even without any of it, through PTBC I happily produce more than eight useful things a year —which I dare say offer far more educational, entertainment, and cultural value (that sacred “Canadian content” value at that) than any of theirs! 

Richard Kurth, head of the University of B.C.‘s school of music, called the loss of the orchestra “a tragic event, both culturally and economically, for the musical life of the region and of the nation.”

A what now?!  A “tragic event”?  “Culturally and economically?”  Huh?  Hey does he mean on planet Earth?  (No, Joel, just “of the nation”!) 

Apparently I’ve lost all perspective.  What is tragic and what are national treasures?  And if this is “tragic”, what is their “man-made global warming”?  Stand back folks!  Something’s gotta give here! 

We’re not done yet. 

“This is the most important orchestra in the country, with a 70-year history,” the aforementioned and understated Mr. Miles, said.  Seriously.  The most important. 
PTBCwares C2007 
But here’s the award-winning statement from the understated Mr. Miles: 


“What the CBC is doing to their mandate is what [U.S. president George] Bush is doing to the [U.S.] constitution.”

Ah yes of course.  It’s the damn neo-cons!  Those war criminals!  Music haters!  Musicophobes!  Peace! (…um except for music!).  End the war on arts!   

Cue the violins!  And the clowns!  And the nukes, perhaps! 

Liberals always appeal to the emotional in order to sway folks, where no logic, common sense, accountability, rationale, or a semblance of intelligence exists.  I guess this is why, in today’s Vancouver Sun, a crack journalist named Peter Birnie wrote another story about this “tragedy” (page A-7 no less), which includes this quote from a local pianist, Sara Davis Buechner:

“What I’ve heard from that group were performances of passion, intensity and incredible precision, a sense of urgency and immediacy in innovative programming with a lot of Canadian content. I think it’s one of the touchstone cultural institutions. …”

“[P]assion and incredible precision”.  And therefore what?  The orchestra should be saved!  And hey Jack the orchestra emits an audible “sense of urgency and immediacy”?  Huh?  The paper’s editor let that go, unquestioned?

What the Vancouver Sun and the CBC’s apologists are doing to you is like what Monika Lewinsky did to Bill Clinton. 

I’ll say this:  about one thing, Miss Buechner is absolutely correct.  This is indeed “Canadian content” —at its very best, to be sure. 

And it’s time to flush it. 

As I like to do when completing stories about the state media, allow me to repeat my now (compared to the above) really boring and reasonable-sounding mantra:  State-owned and state-run media—and all if its taxpayer-funded subdivisions and diversions like the above—should be banned in this country, and that notion should be enshrined in our constitution.  


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