CBC challenges Yoda

I admit this is a niggling, infinitesimal point, but here’s the CBC.ca headline of contention:

“Top court refuses to hear federal secrecy law challenge”

Sounds like the federal government was trying to challenge a secrecy law —i.e., a federal challenge— and the court refused. 

But actually, it was an alleged al-Qaeda terrorist named Mohammad Momin Khawaja who was challenging the federal secrecy law.  And he failed.

The Supreme Court of Canada has turned down an effort by Mohammad Momin Khawaja, who is charged under the Anti-Terrorist Act, to challenge the federal secrecy law…

How about Top court refuses to hear challenge to federal secrecy law ?

National Post went with “Court rejects terrorism law challenge”
The Globe and Mail: “Khawaja rejected in bid for secrecy challenge”

They sound like they’re high on something.  Speaking of high, Canadian Press has “High court won’t hear Cdn case challenge”.

The Vancouver Sun is going with a more sober-sounding “Top court won’t hear challenge of terrorism law”; and CTV.ca is also more bright-eyed with “SCC won’t hear challenge of secrecy provisions”.


Anyway, glad I am that the court to hear it refused, it did.

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