I raise my rifle to Charlton Heston

imageI’d love to give Charlton Heston, who died today, a several-round gun salute with a giant rifle, but of course I’d be arrested and thrown in jail.  This is Canada, and we’re not really all that free.  Liberals in Canada have seen to that.

Charlton Heston has died today at age 83, suffering from Alzheimer’s. 

Heston revealed his Alzheimer’s disease a few years ago, saying, “I must reconcile courage and surrender in equal measure.”  These are words of a brave, heroic, resolute man.  The kind of man who built America, and indeed Canada.

Leader of the famed National Rifle Association (the NRA) in the U.S., and of course a legendary actor who played none other than Moses in “The Ten Commandments”, conservative Heston stood for the American founding fathers’ principles, and so among other freedoms, he advocated the constitutional right to bear arms.  It’s a right we share in Canada, whatever liberals pretend.  He challenged his detractors to pry his rifle “from my cold, dead hands.”  Nobody ever did try.  Such is the bombast of liberals who are all talk (preferably with terrorists and communists, over tea and buns, rather than with substantial alpha-males who made sense and stood on principle, like Heston). 

Now, alas – now that he is finally cold, and dead, and helpless— maybe they will try to pry it out of his cold, dead hands, if only to serve another typical liberal symbolic cause.  And it will be yet another of their unprincipled disgraces. 

Heston was a favorite target of liberal-left vitriol.  He didn’t care. Hollywood liberal and poor actor George Clooney actually joked, according to Wikipedia, about Heston having Alzheimer’s Disease.  Joked about it.  When later questioned, Clooney said Heston deserved whatever was said about him for his involvement with the NRA. 

Heston responded on the Clooney “joke”:

I don’t know the man — never met him, never even spoken to him, but I feel sorry for George Clooney — one day he may get Alzheimer’s disease. I served my country in World War II. I survived that — I guess I can survive some bad words from this fellow.

Clooney died before Heston.

Another far-left liberal nutbar (yet a man perceived as nothing less than a liberal-left prophet), Michael Moore, infamously ambushed Heston in Moore’s lie-fest “documentary” called “Bowling for Columbine” (which has been proven to be full of utter lies), and tried his hardest through crafty edits and misinformation, to portray Heston as a total idiot, even while Heston was in fact suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. Moore succeeded.  He made Heston look like a total idiot.  Bravo.  Therefore, the state-owned CBC in Canada has broadcast Moore’s “Bowling for Columbine” over, and over, and over again.  Go team liberal. 

Charming bunch, liberals.  They’re all about the tolerance, and the compassion, and the intellect, as we know. 

So ignore them, as I’m sure Heston did, and does now.  Rest in peace, Mr. Heston.  I’ll at least hoist my gun to my shoulder and symbolically salute you and your life;  your efforts; the character of a man; your principles, your success.  Liberals be damned.


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