Good Canadian comedy show “Corner Gas” (CTV) to shut down pumps

image The one show made in Canada by Canadians that Canadians actually watched in really good numbers—the one right up there with the big American shows, constantly cracking the top 30 list of shows Canadians watch—is ending its run on the private citizen-owned CTV network.  Creator and star Brent Butt is pulling a Seinfeld and is getting out while the going’s good. 

I’ve repeatedly pointed out when I present the Canadian ratings charts that Corner Gas is the one creative (drama/comedy) Canadian show that regularly (almost always) cracks the top 30 shows—every other show being American.  I’ve also made a point of highlighting the fact that despite the efforts of liberals and their cultural elites division (“Canadian Culture!”… Brought to you by….. them!),  Canadians are clearly just like Americans in most every way including their TV viewing tastes wherein they look for quality first; and they love the American-culture because it’s largely the same as theirs, notwithstanding the caterwauling of the “Canadian Culture” nazis.  I also point out the fact that the state-owned CBC’s taxpayer-funded creative shows (designed to compete against the likes of Corner Gas) have virtually never made it into the top 30 shows in all the charts I’ve presented over the years. 

And as I’ve always said, Canadians go for quality.  CTV exec Susanne Boyce, President of CTV Inc.‘s Creative, Content and Channels, said it exactly right:  “The series has paved the way for other Canadian productions by proving that if you make great TV, Canadians will watch.”  (The CBC still hasn’t gotten the memo and despite their countless BILLIONS in taxpayer cash, have failed to figure out what Canadians want). 

“Corner Gas” airs Monday nights at 9:30 p.m. on CTV. 

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